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Ocean Whitecaps by Wayne Logan

The whitecaps push
Away bad thoughts
The whitecaps
Pull the tension out
The whitecaps lull
The mind to peaceful rest
The whitecaps fold
Silent fears beneath their crests
The whitecaps tickle
At the shoreline rocks
The whitecaps laugh
And sing such lovely songs
The whitecaps coax
The sky to sleep
The whitecaps whisper
To the stars sweetest things

© Keely Myles
November 10, 2014


Rain Barrel


I am weighed
I am water
I am 54%
I am teary
I am pouring
I am loud
I am running off
I am in the gutter
I am gushing
I am overflowing
I am rushing
I am exceeding
I am excessive
I am unconfined
I am boundless
Be my rain barrel
You’re firm, rigid
Hold me
Let me push against
Your form
You’re solid, steady
I yield my fluidity
Next to you
I take shape
You’re empty, dry
Let me fill you in
Drench you
Deluge you
Together let’s dive
Into fuller purposes
Together let’s sink
Into a pool of

By Keely Myles
June 27, 2013