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Girlish Seawalk


Head in the clouds
Heart in the sea
Toes dipping down
Into serendipity

Elbows in the breeze
Hands like anemones
Sticking to the things
That make her happy

Will sure and boulder strong
Ear tuned to seagulls song
Lungs filled freshest air
Endless dancing not a care

Eyes light and clear and true
Shimmering like the ocean’s blue
Hair whipping as the grass
A sunshiny tangly mess

Thoughts scattered like the sand
Pulled and pushed
At waves command

Harbouring not a squall
Nor vicious undertow
Glad to float wherever
Tides might flow

© Keely Myles
May 31, 2016




Wolves on the Canyon View…
Well, isn’t that something new!
You won’t see me in my “ridinghood”
Walking places I once stood;
Not without my guardian Angel
At my side to bark her faithful
Lullabies at those prowling too near town,
Hoping to close their circle round
An innocent wandering soul.
No, Sir, I hear their haunting howl,
So I won’t be turning my back
To an all too curious six pack.
Nor will I be wandering Elk Falls
Until I see a bow-wow curtain call.

© Keely Myles
December 4, 2013


with Him




i walk with God

at the beach

i see Him

in everything

His breath

in the breeze

His eyes

in the skies

His justice

in the tides

His strength

in the rocks

His beauty

in the flocks of birds

i hear His words echoing

i hear His voice beckoning

my name

telling me of

His oceans of love

for me

in the lapping waves

again and again


by keely myles

november 16, 2013

psalm 139:7-10



Oh to walk humbly

To find the right placement of my foot upon the earth

Oh to walk humbly

And stop stumbling through self-loathing or elevated self-worth

Oh to walk humbly

To see myself and God in every person on this earth

Oh to walk humbly

To remember it was not I who gave me birth

Oh to walk humbly 

To recognize that one day I will return like dust to the earth

Oh to walk humbly 

To live to learn to love to serve

Oh to walk humbly 

To take each breath in praise to the Creator of the earth

Oh to walk humbly 

To revere The One who holds all true power and all true worth

Oh to walk humbly…


By keely myles ~ June 19, 2013

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
    And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
    and to walk humbly with your God. ~ Michah 6:8