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Mid year 


Mid year

All warmth 

And buzz

Can’t say

What was

A blur 

Of colour

Of joy

And whatnot 

Time goes

The sun rose

Who knows 

How many 

Highs and lows 

Life stows 

So I chose 

To go to 

The beach 

And let days

And duties 

Blaze away 

Like a campfire

Until all I could 

Count on a calendar 

Was stars

Meteor showers

By the hours 

And time 

Was flowers

Petals falling 

One by one 

And cares 

Were none

And relaxation 

Lastly won 

© Keely Myles

August 10, 2016


Bent on Joy


Bent on catching fish
Young backs stooped over the lake
Happy girl and boy

Wee greenish minnows
Flit about with speckled backs
Fancy-tailed but coy

Their noses go bump
Darting between fingers’ grasp
Caught nothing but joy

© Keely Myles
August 5, 2014

(I’m enjoying summer SO MUCH! Lots of time adventuring with my family. I’ve got poems sticking out of everyplace and haven’t been sitting down long enough to blog them. Will catch up on some of them eventually… Hope all you lovelies who stop by are getting to gulp gobs of fresh air and stare in wonder at the world this summer! Cheers! <3)



Dragøn’s Lair


I wøre shørts.

There was the sun,

but at the beach,

gøøse pimples spread

døwn my bare, white legs.IMG_9101

My døg wanted

to fetch sticks,

but The Nørth Wind

cøntinually bit my ankles.

We walked øn until

I føund a small

patch øf gritty sand.

It wasn’t Løng Beach,

but it was still

søfter than barnacles.

And when I lay løw,

The Nørth Wind 

slipped past withoutIMG_9107

sø much icy blast.

And I føund where

the heat was hiding.

Beside me with 

their heads bøbbing

Wild Snapdragøns 

hissed and said, 

“Welcøme tø øur lair,”

as høneybees 

sipped and served

these marveløus

purple sires.


© Keely Myles

June 4, 2ø14

Summertime Sickness


It’s summertime,
But my lungs
Feel like it’s winter.
It’s sunny out,
But my insides
Are bitter.
My skin is
Glistening golden,
But my breath is
Sputtering sputum.
My summer style
Is cramped by this
Mycoplasma Pneumoniae.

By Keely Myles
August 13, 2013


Being sick as a mother
IMG_5376Can be a little gift,
For it can cause
A forced pause,
A reason to respite.
Suddenly everyone gets
A little glimpse
Of all that mom gets done
The instance that she quits,
So at once comes
A thankful smile,
A cherished hug and kiss,
A scribbled “Get Well, Mom” card,
And a five leaf clover picked.
It all melts her heart to bits…
Finally alone for hours,
Then next fresh flowers.
It’s okay to laze all day
With a full glass of
Luscious Chardonnay!
Snuggles, rubs, and hot bathtubs…
Such a strangely sweet sickness
Exchanges a mother’s lot,
For a whole lot of smother love.

By Keely Myles
August 15, 2013

He attemptedIMG_5378
To make me
Chicken soup
To get me well.
It wasn’t good,
But it was swell
Because I could tell
He really does love me,
He does love me well.
And so in love with him
Again I fell.
Then if that
Weren’t enough,
It was, “As you wish,
Princess Buttercup!”
So I englut
All the soup up
For “Oh, my dear,
Sweet Westley!”

By Keely Myles
August 15, 2013


It’s suppose to rain all day,
IMG_5279But I don’t care anyway;
It finally fits my persona of late,
A shade of lovely grey.

It’s suppose to rain all week,
But I don’t care so to speak;
It finally suits my fatigue,
Feeling so beautifully bleak.

By Keely Myles
August 16, 2013