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Soft words

I will carry a shell
In my pocket
And when I
Lose my way
I will take it out
Put it to my ear
And listen
To what it’ll say
It will whisper
Soft words
Of the ocean
Things heard
Upon the spray
It will remind me
Of blue skies
And better days
Then I will know
Even in the storms
Everything will
Turn out okay
©Keely Myles
September 10, 2014

premoonstrual cycle

waves of
brain-fogging hormones
washing over
clear thought bottles
monthly storm brewing
waters surging
stronger with the moon’s cycle
crashing, cracking
becoming jagged
pieces of myself
broken under
heavy weight
of gravitational pull
head swirling undertow
cramping bellyache
of swallowed saltwater
spewing forth
a darker tide
until rough waters
subside and all
that’s left of me
is odd bits
of blue-green treasures
here and there
along the shore
softened by my
disheveled identity
all washed up
in the gravel
of a woman’s life


© keely myles
july 4, 2014