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Mid year 


Mid year

All warmth 

And buzz

Can’t say

What was

A blur 

Of colour

Of joy

And whatnot 

Time goes

The sun rose

Who knows 

How many 

Highs and lows 

Life stows 

So I chose 

To go to 

The beach 

And let days

And duties 

Blaze away 

Like a campfire

Until all I could 

Count on a calendar 

Was stars

Meteor showers

By the hours 

And time 

Was flowers

Petals falling 

One by one 

And cares 

Were none

And relaxation 

Lastly won 

© Keely Myles

August 10, 2016




Orion shot
an arrow
through my heart.
Now our destinies
are crossed.
We’ve been
pinned together
by the stars.
Forever we
will dance
in the dark.

© Keely Myles
October 2014


tent view


out of the vents

of my tent

i see that

daylight’s nearly spent

i spy the bit of moon

bright but bent

i hear the buzz

of bugs that jet

i see the place

each star is set

and wonder why

i’m not tired yet?

i watch the tree line

turn dark and colourless

breathe in the sweet

refreshing nothingness

i know that today

was fully blest

i hope that i’ll

finally fade to rest

i saw a last

parting gift

from You i bet

that shooting star

that came-went


© keely myles

august 1, 2014

“When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers,
    the moon and the stars, which you have set in place,
 what is man that you are mindful of him,
    and the son of man that you care for him?” ~Psalm 8:3-4

Seas and Stars



“Look, Mama!

This starfish is dancing!”

Five waltzing arms

Tentacles outstretching

Upon a ballroom of kelp

Bright dancers


© Keely Myles

September 24, 2013


My Angel scared off

Two rock doves

And an old crone

At a cross below

The 50th parallel

When I sat down 

To eat an apple

I gave her the core

But it fell in the water

Particles sunk to 

The tidal floor

Feeding some crabs 

And snails galore


© Keely Myles 

November 13, 2013


His fingertips moistphoto

Whispering in hushed voice

Kissed by the sea spray


© Keely Myles 

July 22, 2014



The night is clear,

The stars seem near,

But she sees little

Through her tears.

Her problems are heaped,

Facing too many fears.

There aren’t easy answers

For what she hears.

Who can help her

Climb such sheer

Cliffs of impossibility?

God of all miracles,

Could we see action

Quickly from thee?

Her smile once stars

In a brillant galaxy,

Yet those stars keep falling

Into her teary sea.


© Keely  Myles

October 27, 2013

Dedicated to Haley Sullivan

Check out her story.