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sea to sky


“Sirene”, Gaston Hoffmann

heights and depths hold my interests most

if i could but fly to the clouds

then plunge beneath the swirling coasts

i’d sink right to the ocean floor

then burst forth onto heights i’d soar

creature with both a fish’s tail

and angel’s wings to cut through air

i’d swim through waters deep and wide

i’d sail through both the sea and sky

© keely myles

august 2014

“If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,

even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me.”

~ Psalm 139:9-10


Amaranthine Moments


She picks purple
IMG_9918It's her favorite colorIMG_9919
Today will be a truly
Perfect outing for her
 She will put her
 Hand to purple
 Pulling out all the bits
She can find them
Anywhere she looks
Dark ridges of perse rock
IMG_9916As she walks acrossIMG_9917
Turning over clams
With lavender bellies
 Dead crabs scattered
Their magenta backs
 Whole and cracked
Claws and legs unattached
Shuffling further down
 The shore exploring more
 IMG_9915Spying first a thistle toppedIMG_9912
With violaceous flowers
 Before her hoped for
 Blackberry bliss
 To fill her bucket with
 Plopping plump purple
 In a delicious heap
Sneaking a few to eat
 There's more than she
 IMG_9913Could possibly reachIMG_9911
 Still she accomplished
Her colorful feat
And wandering back
Down the beach
 Bends to pick up
 One last seaside plum
 An little slender bittium
 Her morning spent
 On red-blue treasures
 These amaranthine moments
 Are unmeasurable
© Keely Myles
 August 6th, 2014

Seas and Stars



“Look, Mama!

This starfish is dancing!”

Five waltzing arms

Tentacles outstretching

Upon a ballroom of kelp

Bright dancers


© Keely Myles

September 24, 2013


My Angel scared off

Two rock doves

And an old crone

At a cross below

The 50th parallel

When I sat down 

To eat an apple

I gave her the core

But it fell in the water

Particles sunk to 

The tidal floor

Feeding some crabs 

And snails galore


© Keely Myles 

November 13, 2013


His fingertips moistphoto

Whispering in hushed voice

Kissed by the sea spray


© Keely Myles 

July 22, 2014

His face


I know
His face
Every line
And smile
Each glint39787_443342714119_7667686_n
And twinkle
In his eye
I know
Each freckle
And each flaw
I sense
The clenches
Of his jaw
I nuzzle
Close to his
Sandy stubble
Read on his
Dark brow
The look
Of trouble
I know
The weariness
Of his days
I feel
His joy
I feel
His pain
I see it all
In his gaze
I see it
Running down
His cheeks
In trails of
Salty tears
And though
Death’s shore
Washes him
In it’s waves
I know
In my mind
At anytime
I can just
His face

© Keely Myles
July 19, 2014

Dragøn’s Lair


I wøre shørts.

There was the sun,

but at the beach,

gøøse pimples spread

døwn my bare, white legs.IMG_9101

My døg wanted

to fetch sticks,

but The Nørth Wind

cøntinually bit my ankles.

We walked øn until

I føund a small

patch øf gritty sand.

It wasn’t Løng Beach,

but it was still

søfter than barnacles.

And when I lay løw,

The Nørth Wind 

slipped past withoutIMG_9107

sø much icy blast.

And I føund where

the heat was hiding.

Beside me with 

their heads bøbbing

Wild Snapdragøns 

hissed and said, 

“Welcøme tø øur lair,”

as høneybees 

sipped and served

these marveløus

purple sires.


© Keely Myles

June 4, 2ø14