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Waning Gibbous 


The moon lay looking sideways,

Sadly at the lowly hills,

Knowing the storm was coming.

It probably gave him chills.

His mouth was fully gaping,

Drawn back with deepest fright.

A pale and quiet horror,

Reflecting the ominous night.

The raging winds predicted 

A scary flood of rain,

The turning of the seasons 

His haunted face explained.

© Keely Myles Fall 2016


Nature’s Love


Innocent happy 

Crazy fun

The kind that

Makes life

Worth living one 

Seaweed rocks

Water mud

The healing touch 

Of nature’s love

The earth gives

But doesn’t ask

For much 

© Keely Myles

July 2015

Dusk ’til Dawn


I do not oft sleep easy,
But oft I hear the frogs
Lift songs welcoming the dusk.

I do not oft sleep easy,
But oft I feel the Lord
Of Comfort’s present touch.

I do not oft sleep easy,
But oft I hear the birds
Whisper first words to the dawn.

I do not oft sleep easy,
But oft I know the peace
That He’s there when I’m alone.

© Keely Myles
April 28, 2015
Psalm 121


Warm Awakening


From budding tree
To fresh trimmed bush,
The little birds
Flit and cheep.
Hopping quick
Across the bricks
To snatch tidbits
Fallen at the feet.
Across the street
In the square,
Children scream
With joy at Grandpa Bear.
The sky is clear,
Cool, crisp with spring,
And overhead
Honking geese take wing.
The collared doves
Atop lampposts
Are cooing warmly
As sunshine
Wakes the coast.

© Keely Myles, March 3, 2015

Frozen Footprints



Following some
Frozen footprints
In the sand
Awakened before
Life’s demands
Push me into
Going going
Always on the run
Having a
Frost-filled moment
With the rising sun
Slowly thawing
In the misty blue
The gulls are singing
In the orangish hues
My heart is freshened
With each breath of air
And I’m moved to
Live this day
More gratefully aware
And I’m thankful for
Frozen footprints


 © Keely Myles
November 16, 2014