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The City 


If you look left of tge CN Tower, perhaps you’ll see one of the two stars I could spot from my hotel window tonight.

When we make

Our lights

So bright

We can’t see

Your stars

In the night

Then we have

No reference

At all


When we make

Our walls

So tall

We can’t see

Your sun

At all

Then we always

Walk in




You are the light

We need

Your reference

In the night



You are the sun

We need

Your radiance

In sight


I can’t imagine

Myself with

No reference

In the shadows


Break my city lights.

Tear down my city walls


I want

Your direction


I want

To see

Your glory


© Keely Myles

November 12, 2015


After reflection of the night sky here tonight, my heart aches for the thousands of lost people in Toronto. Those who don’t know their Maker. My heart aches for those who don’t have the Light of Jesus all the way across this land. But my heart also aches that I build my own walls and shine my own light instead of living fully alive for Him, and not truly reflecting enough of His glory in my words and in my actions to those around me. How much more should I know Him and follow His guidance? I think there is a correlation between these two dilemmas in my Christian walk.



Almost Killed

Have you ever
 Tried so hard
 Tried too hard
 Tried until
 It almost killed you?
Have you ever
 Wanted something so bad
 Wanted something too much
 Wanted until
 It almost killed you?
Have you ever
 Loved so much
 Loved too deep
 Loved until
 It almost killed you?
Have you ever
 Lost so bad
 Lost too much
 Lost until
 It almost killed you?
Have you ever
 Been loved so bad
 Been loved too much
 Been loved until
 It almost killed you?
Have you ever
 Forgiven so much
 Forgiven too much
 Forgiven until
 It almost killed you?
Have you
 Been loved
© Keely Myles 2014
 Luke 22:29-46
 "Consider him who endured from sinners such hostility against himself,
 so that you may not grow weary or fainthearted. In your struggle against
 sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood." 
 ~Hebrews 12:3-4

September Sunrise


photo 5
standing on The Rock
listening to The Sun rising
my heart calmly singsphoto 1

the changing colours
and the passing sea lions
i pause to see Life

The Sun takes it’s time
for The Light cannot be rushed
warmth penetrates slow

the moon’s reflection
bows to true Light’s glory
crowning the morning

creation whispers
be still and hear nature’s voice
speak the things of God

© keely myles
september 21, 2014

photo 2



He who has no sin
 Be the first to throw
 A stone
 But there's not a lone
 Soul who could undergo
 The penalty due him
No one will tarry
 They'll leave and not linger
 Stop accusation
 Release condemnation
 They won't point a finger
 Dropping the rocks aimed at the quarry
The measure you use will be yours too
 It's time to remove your own plank
 Do not judge
 Hold no grudge
 Rather humbly give thanks
 Trespasses aren't held against you
Forgive men their sins
 As the Father has done
 Love mercy
 Act worthy
 Believe in His Son
 A forgiver always wins
© Keely Myles
 March 2, 2012
John 8:1-11
 Romans 3:23
 Matthew 7:1-5
 Matthew 6:9-15
 Matthew 6:8
 Romans 10:11

one thing


living in the state of
one thing
realizing that
one thing
is everything
keeping that
one thing
in every frame
living for the
one thing
all the same
it’s the only
one thing
and it’s the
one thing
that gives
rest to the tired
what is the
one thing?
it is listening
it is devotion
it is receiving
the better portion

© keely myles
june 2014

luke 10:38-42
matthew 11:28-30