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Outside my window
The birds singing vibrato
Springtime’s alarm clock

© Keely Myles
Spring 2014




Soft and mostly white
Always friendly and purring
As sweet as Syrup

But moonlight turns him
Into a chilling monster
A nasty killer

He is ruthless, cold
Toying proudly with his victims
Eating them alive

Leaving heads and tails
Murderous heaps of entrails
Licking his pink paws

He returns at dawn
Acting like nothing is wrong
Mewing so meekly

What’s that freaky sound?
He’s scratching on the glass door…
Dare I let him in?

© Keely Myles
October 30, 2014




one swee† memory

in †he mind of whomever,

†hen a life ma††ered.


jus† one fly by smudge,

a quick passing remnant †hough†,

and a life lives on.


a scribbled †eardrop,

up†urned corners of †he mou†h,

lef† small impressions.


everyone is ar†.

what is seen? or remembered?

soulful sma††erings.


© keely myles

october 6, 2014

September Sunrise


photo 5
standing on The Rock
listening to The Sun rising
my heart calmly singsphoto 1

the changing colours
and the passing sea lions
i pause to see Life

The Sun takes it’s time
for The Light cannot be rushed
warmth penetrates slow

the moon’s reflection
bows to true Light’s glory
crowning the morning

creation whispers
be still and hear nature’s voice
speak the things of God

© keely myles
september 21, 2014

photo 2