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Kicking up wishes


Kicking up wishes
Dreams to the sky
A field full of hopes
Weeds will not die

Seedlings of longing
Wonder and whims
Blowing intentions
Desires on the wind

Fantasies floating
Realities soon
Joy deeply planted
More sunshiny blooms

© Keely Myles
May 10, 2015


thoughts arose


generations fade

rumpled petals fall 

remembered no more

by buds that later rose

shared same stems

interconnected loveliness 

with delicate decent


© keely myles

july 2014

photo 1

so nonsensical 

sometimes the roses don’t smell

nose senses no scents


© keely myles

july 2014

Pulling weeds


Pulling weeds


(She’s less help than she thinks.)

Is like tearing down

Precious little homes

For all the little

Pill bugs, spiders and the

Garden gnomes.

Coming down with

My fist like a

Wrecking ball,

All the tiny creatures

Move out quickly with their

Young and all.

With one fell swoop,

I roughly scoop away

Entire households.

No time to pack, they

Flee attack and hurridly

Hit the road.

Nomadic bugs that

Emmigrate with surprinsingly

Swift withdrawal.

I feel remorse

For disheveling such sweet

And wee abodes,

So  from now on I’m not

Pulling up the weeds, no,  I’ll

Just leave them alone.


By Keely Myles

August 19, 2013

Sunflower Sorrow


IMG_5285 2

The day the
Ladybird died,
A sunflower cried.
His soul was so downcast
That he could no longer laugh.
His poor, sunny heart was crushed,
For his whole life he had entrusted
His golden petals to her gentle touch.
Then for his tiny beloved,
His stem snapped
With oozing sap
And scattered
Petals, alas.
And so it is
With death
And love
On the

By Keely Myles
August 15, 2013

IMG_5289 2 IMG_5292 2