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Waning Gibbous 


The moon lay looking sideways,

Sadly at the lowly hills,

Knowing the storm was coming.

It probably gave him chills.

His mouth was fully gaping,

Drawn back with deepest fright.

A pale and quiet horror,

Reflecting the ominous night.

The raging winds predicted 

A scary flood of rain,

The turning of the seasons 

His haunted face explained.

© Keely Myles Fall 2016




The freedom

Of a candlestick 

Is none 

But to burn

And burn it does




It’s life away

Only one passion

The flame

Giving light

Sparking interest 


In wee hours

Cutting darkness

A small warmth

On a cold 

Lonely night 

A singular beauty 

Upon a pedestal

No choices

But to burn

© Keely Myles

September 19th, 2016

welcome flames

take the edge off the gloom
with a fire's bright burning.
pass through the stormy grey days
with the flicker of flames.
and in the darkened gloaming,
mild wafts of smoke bring not harm,
but rather cleanse the dreary temple
and warm cold heart and bone.
raising spirits stood upon 
the hearth by pleasant blaze;
kindling hopeful, happy change.

© keely myles
october 28, 2014