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Kicking up wishes


Kicking up wishes
Dreams to the sky
A field full of hopes
Weeds will not die

Seedlings of longing
Wonder and whims
Blowing intentions
Desires on the wind

Fantasies floating
Realities soon
Joy deeply planted
More sunshiny blooms

© Keely Myles
May 10, 2015


Lovely I l l u s i o n


Come over here
Tell me promises you can’t keep
With your lost guitar
Serenade me in sleepless sleep
And in happiest daydreams
I will silently weep
Knowing I must keep
Burying those words deep
In the sands of time
That somehow taste sweet
Feeling the dirt in my smile
Granules between my teeth
As I turn over and feel
Blank cold sheets
In wee morning hours waking
To find I’m not undeceived
For you’ll never be
What I’ll always believe

© Keely Myles
August 25, 2014

sea to sky


“Sirene”, Gaston Hoffmann

heights and depths hold my interests most

if i could but fly to the clouds

then plunge beneath the swirling coasts

i’d sink right to the ocean floor

then burst forth onto heights i’d soar

creature with both a fish’s tail

and angel’s wings to cut through air

i’d swim through waters deep and wide

i’d sail through both the sea and sky

© keely myles

august 2014

“If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,

even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me.”

~ Psalm 139:9-10