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Becoming someone


But therefore 

More oneself 

Changing as

Life breaks you

Finding ways 

To reglue dignity 

And rise above

Regaining health

Reinvention of

New ailments 

Flipping pain 

To that was

Meant to be 

Never feeling 


But free to

Move affliction 

Into fresh 

And beautiful 


January 29th, 2017
© Keely Myles 



i like it when
the lustre wears off
when something becomes
less appealing 
it's revealing 
it tells true feelings
who or what is standing
still unabashedly loving
affections continuing
despite the diminishing 
where lies the loyalty
unaffected by less popularity
unfettered by opinions
unwavering & persevering 
holding on though hurting 
non-flashy & dirty
uglier perhaps
but still found worthy 
better somehow 
through life's beatings 
stronger somehow 
after bleeding
scars that end up beauty
faithful & more truly
in love with the aging
deeper character 
found in fading 
hands still left holding 
onto what's worth keeping 
after the lustre wears off 

© keely myles
early 2016 

Playing pretend


Sometimes friends grow apart.
It makes me think, “Were we even friends at the start?”
Reality shows it turned into only obligatory politeness,
Rather than actual likeness.
The shoe didn’t fit and won’t be worn.
Tears fall and a heart feels torn.
Isn’t it silly to mourn over an imaginary friend?
With needle and thread can’t a heart mend?
I wonder why I invested so much in the end?
Especially since it was just pretend.

By Keely Myles
April 4, 2012