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Ocean Whitecaps by Wayne Logan

The whitecaps push
Away bad thoughts
The whitecaps
Pull the tension out
The whitecaps lull
The mind to peaceful rest
The whitecaps fold
Silent fears beneath their crests
The whitecaps tickle
At the shoreline rocks
The whitecaps laugh
And sing such lovely songs
The whitecaps coax
The sky to sleep
The whitecaps whisper
To the stars sweetest things

© Keely Myles
November 10, 2014


Amaranthine Moments


She picks purple
IMG_9918It's her favorite colorIMG_9919
Today will be a truly
Perfect outing for her
 She will put her
 Hand to purple
 Pulling out all the bits
She can find them
Anywhere she looks
Dark ridges of perse rock
IMG_9916As she walks acrossIMG_9917
Turning over clams
With lavender bellies
 Dead crabs scattered
Their magenta backs
 Whole and cracked
Claws and legs unattached
Shuffling further down
 The shore exploring more
 IMG_9915Spying first a thistle toppedIMG_9912
With violaceous flowers
 Before her hoped for
 Blackberry bliss
 To fill her bucket with
 Plopping plump purple
 In a delicious heap
Sneaking a few to eat
 There's more than she
 IMG_9913Could possibly reachIMG_9911
 Still she accomplished
Her colorful feat
And wandering back
Down the beach
 Bends to pick up
 One last seaside plum
 An little slender bittium
 Her morning spent
 On red-blue treasures
 These amaranthine moments
 Are unmeasurable
© Keely Myles
 August 6th, 2014

The Peninsula


I meander along the peninsula
lapping up its profound beauty.
It is the kind of stroll that moves my soul
and makes me forget my duties.
I could stay on this isthmus forever;
I get lost in this place completely.
I glance up at the darting gulls
and pray just as briefly.
As they fly, quieting my thoughts,
I recall the things you sweetly
whispered in my ear. Like the sunrise
over misty water, your dreamy
words lift my spirit. It’s obvious why
I fell in love with this place, and you, so deeply.

By Keely Myles
October 16, 2013

Varley “Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay”

You have me pinned,
see me coming along
way down the peninsula.
You know the way I grin;
we’ve met so many times
this way before.
Your shores are not
unknown to me either,
the way I skim
looking for familiar places
and perhaps new treasures.
Your heart and mine brim
with increasing excitement.
Though it grows cooler,
I will forever wander
your waterfront property.

By Keely Myles
October 14, 2013