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What to write on a cliff?

Hellos, goodbyes, 

What ifs…

Times & dates,

Peoples’ names,

Tic-Tac-Toe games,

Precious quotes,

Political votes ,

Random thoughts,

Wars fought,

Babies born,

Hearts torn,

Love & hate

In spray paint.

All that matters

In colours;


Overlapping words,

Messages blurred.

Anonymous & obvious,

Kindness & obnoxiousness,

Innocent & obscene,

Captivating & free,

What art uniquely,

What graffiti briefly 

To put here on this cliff 

Like a modern hieroglyph?

© Keely Myles

August 24, 2016

At Big Rock





the beauty of others

other faces, other lives

the myriad of differences

other stories, other times

all kept quietly behind

individually crafted eyes

names and ages, shapes and sizes

each a wonder and surprize

could we see each soul more deeply

to understand what underlies

we would care and love more fully

seeing others more closely tied

then how could we hurt each other

once we come to realize

there’s a beauty in the others

 other faces, other lives


© keely myles

november 15, 2015

thoughts on a plane

Window Soul


If you’d

Slowly let me

Bring you ’round,

You will

Smile again.

Perhaps you faded

For awhile,

But you will

Shine ahead.

There’s a window

In every soul;

We each exchange

A closer view.

Though you’ve struggled

And it’s turned cold,

Warmth will return as

Sun filters through.

Pick up your feet.

Chin up too.

Look into my eyes.

Remember me?

I still love you.


© Keely Myles

November 2, 2015

The Greatest Imagineer


Is amazing
It defies all
Laws of nature
Though science
Puts boundaries
And facts around
What goes on
The mind makes
No such lines
Anything can happen
One can bend
All rules
It is a crazy
Awesome tool
And it sets apart
Humankind from
The animals too
Men are full
Of creative thought
Because they
Were made
In the image
Of God
Therefore He
Should be
The Ruler
Of all imaginings
All minds ought
Bow their dreams to
The Greatest Imagineer
Whose art is supreme
Who else spoke
Life into being
Who else made
All science
All creation
All in the universe
Unbeknownst to man
Nobody can outdo
The Ancient Artist’s hand
All we think
All we do
Can only be
And created
Because He
First thought
Of me and you

© Keely Myles
March 12, 2015

Sonnet: Big Raven


Perched on the edge is the rigid black bird,
Perceiving forests and each of the trees.
Unable to utter a single word.
Calm and motionless, despite building breeze.
Off in furthest distance dark clouds amass;
The sky opens, dropping sheets of hard rain.
Harsh winds blast, whipping through the circling grass,
Yet wall-like and true, silent songs refrain.
Standing without whispering on the hill
What would be told if telling something could?
There is no call, nor a tune, nor a trill;
Is nothing more beneath this lump of wood?
A story wise behind image graven?
Strong voice flies from unfeathered, Big Raven.

© Keely Myles
May 12, 2015

Big Raven, Emily Carr 1931


A Messterpiece


I am a bumbling
 Full of blurts
 And spatter
 I am a messy
 Piece of art
 With mistakes
 That do not matter
 I'm a grotesque beauty
 Within a world of
 Swirling lies
 I am a squishy
 Caterpillar cocoon
 Turning into
 A butterfly
 I am but
 A lowly weed
 In a field of
 Wild flowers
 I am content in
 The breeze
 Though I am
 Fading by the hour
 I am teardrops
 In a tissue
 And stifled peals
 Of laughter
 I am a monkey
 On the bars
 The silliest of disasters
 I am like an
 Empty wallet
 With missing
 Pieces of ID
 Still I am a penny
 In a pocket
 Shiny and happy
 I am just a
 Dusty bunny
 In the thrift store
 Down the road
 A secondhand somebody
 Who still is a treasure
 Though not of gold
 I am unkept secret
 A scalawag of worth
 For The Artist paints me
 Smiling with the
 Pigments of the earth
© Keely Myles
 April 20, 2014
Ephesians 2:10
 Isaiah 64:8