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The freedom

Of a candlestick 

Is none 

But to burn

And burn it does




It’s life away

Only one passion

The flame

Giving light

Sparking interest 


In wee hours

Cutting darkness

A small warmth

On a cold 

Lonely night 

A singular beauty 

Upon a pedestal

No choices

But to burn

© Keely Myles

September 19th, 2016


Thoughts on war


Keely's Graffiti

Thoughts on war,
And bombs,
And killing…
When we
Do this
We are
Never winning!
How could
Stooping to
Such depravity
Ever be
An answer actually?
It costs
So much,
Bazillions of dollars,
To build weapons
That don’t
Make us smarter,
But rather
Harm us
Over and over.
And honestly,
As a mother,
I’ve begun
To wonder
How come
We haven’t come up
With some way
To bring peace?
I’m not down
With old solutions
Any longer.
Seriously, cartoons
For kids have
Taught me more
Creatively to deal
With these messes.
With all that money,
Let’s try
Something else
To stop the
Stupid tantrums
Of grown men.
For goodness sake,
Someone give
Them a time-out
Before the whole world
Becomes a battleground.
Like how about
An airdropped dome
That covers over
War zones,
Then squeezes out
Jelly or foam
That slows down
All trigger fingers
And silences guns…

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A Messterpiece


I am a bumbling
 Full of blurts
 And spatter
 I am a messy
 Piece of art
 With mistakes
 That do not matter
 I'm a grotesque beauty
 Within a world of
 Swirling lies
 I am a squishy
 Caterpillar cocoon
 Turning into
 A butterfly
 I am but
 A lowly weed
 In a field of
 Wild flowers
 I am content in
 The breeze
 Though I am
 Fading by the hour
 I am teardrops
 In a tissue
 And stifled peals
 Of laughter
 I am a monkey
 On the bars
 The silliest of disasters
 I am like an
 Empty wallet
 With missing
 Pieces of ID
 Still I am a penny
 In a pocket
 Shiny and happy
 I am just a
 Dusty bunny
 In the thrift store
 Down the road
 A secondhand somebody
 Who still is a treasure
 Though not of gold
 I am unkept secret
 A scalawag of worth
 For The Artist paints me
 Smiling with the
 Pigments of the earth
© Keely Myles
 April 20, 2014
Ephesians 2:10
 Isaiah 64:8