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Girlish Seawalk


Head in the clouds
Heart in the sea
Toes dipping down
Into serendipity

Elbows in the breeze
Hands like anemones
Sticking to the things
That make her happy

Will sure and boulder strong
Ear tuned to seagulls song
Lungs filled freshest air
Endless dancing not a care

Eyes light and clear and true
Shimmering like the ocean’s blue
Hair whipping as the grass
A sunshiny tangly mess

Thoughts scattered like the sand
Pulled and pushed
At waves command

Harbouring not a squall
Nor vicious undertow
Glad to float wherever
Tides might flow

© Keely Myles
May 31, 2016


Mid year 


Mid year

All warmth 

And buzz

Can’t say

What was

A blur 

Of colour

Of joy

And whatnot 

Time goes

The sun rose

Who knows 

How many 

Highs and lows 

Life stows 

So I chose 

To go to 

The beach 

And let days

And duties 

Blaze away 

Like a campfire

Until all I could 

Count on a calendar 

Was stars

Meteor showers

By the hours 

And time 

Was flowers

Petals falling 

One by one 

And cares 

Were none

And relaxation 

Lastly won 

© Keely Myles

August 10, 2016



Four swans sitting
Preening on an icy lake
Breezeless morning
Time to contemplate
Snow fallen
Finely placed
Thankful heart for
Such wondrous days
December has never
Ended this way
The year is naked
With possibilities
Here’s to what God
Next orchestrates

© Keely Myles
December 28, 2015

“The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.” ~ Ecclesiastes 7:8

The Greatest Imagineer


Is amazing
It defies all
Laws of nature
Though science
Puts boundaries
And facts around
What goes on
The mind makes
No such lines
Anything can happen
One can bend
All rules
It is a crazy
Awesome tool
And it sets apart
Humankind from
The animals too
Men are full
Of creative thought
Because they
Were made
In the image
Of God
Therefore He
Should be
The Ruler
Of all imaginings
All minds ought
Bow their dreams to
The Greatest Imagineer
Whose art is supreme
Who else spoke
Life into being
Who else made
All science
All creation
All in the universe
Unbeknownst to man
Nobody can outdo
The Ancient Artist’s hand
All we think
All we do
Can only be
And created
Because He
First thought
Of me and you

© Keely Myles
March 12, 2015