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My journey


Have you been
Following my journey?
What have I
Been telling you?
Have I been
Telling you lies?
Or sharing
The truth?
Some days I wander
And squander my time,
Others I draw near
To Him who gives life.
I wish I could live
Everyday perfectly,
But often I misstep
And do my own thing.
It’s in those sidetracks
That I may
Lead others astray.
If only I could always
And ever obey.
I suppose it’s not
Up to me to control
What they choose to see.
They see what
They want to see ultimately.
A snapshot of my journey
Is not my life wholly,
So rather than worry
About how I’m perceived,
My job is to keep my feet
Moving on this journey.
To keep listening,
To keep learning,
To keep on sojourning.
So on I march,
On I sashay,
On I soldier,
On I parade
Until I one day
See Jesus face to face.
Then I can
Dance for joy
In the full light of day.

© Keely Myles
June 1, 2014

“Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be
has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears,
we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.” 1 John 3:2

“The path of the righteous is like the morning sun,
shining ever brighter till the full light of day.” ~Proverbs 4:18




at 11:11

i dream

about heaven

and you


right there

at 11:11

i pause

for a second

and sigh

a breath of

fresh air

at 11:11

i sense

a welcome


an impression

that you too

stand aware

at 11:11


© keely myles

january 29, 2014

new Heaven


i wasn’t built for this world
it’s fallen and gnarled
it’s origin was surely goodly
things were once as they should be
but now it’s Paradise Lost
the True Life has been crossed
with pain sickness and death
now i fight for each breath
always being put to the test
it’s so hard to find rest
i have a longing for good days
to be lifted from this haze
and to be put back in the Garden
to be freed from all these problems
to not fear any harm or danger
to be up close with nature
to walk through acre and acre
holding hands with my Creator
to commune with Him and savor
every moment with my Maker
and see others do the same
to worship God without restraint
a perfect union with the saints
to be naked and unashamed
fully clothed in His righteousness
in the Kingdom of true justice
a place of love and goodness
a return to absolute innocence
to hear living water flow
to feel soft earth below
to smell lush vegetation growth
to see a world we’ve not fully known
oh, i just can’t wait to go
to leave this fallen world of sin
and taste the new Heaven

by keely myles
october 21, 2012
dedicated to maggie mcgrath
on her 25th birthday

2 Peter 3:13
Revelation 21:1-4

My Child?


Excuse me, I have a question,
Are you in heaven?
I know when a soul departs,
But when does God a soul impart?
Is it there straight from the start,
Within the formed zygote?
Does it enter with the first beat of heart?
When does God place it there as He forms your inward parts?
When is the precise moment of a soul’s inception?
Could it be right from conception?
Is the soul in the embryo?
Oh, how I want to know!
Of course, it’s certain that at some point inside my womb
A new life has been assumed.
Yes, a soul slips in with a twinkle,
Though you are smaller than a thimble.
Flesh, life and soul intermingle.
God surely knows your first moment’s substance.
You were not placed there by random chance.
You are a wonderful work woven in secret.
A special someone although we never met.
You were a blessed child at an early age,
But you’ve left this world at the youngest stage.
“The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these,”
Children freed who play at ease.
And so I’m hoping I’m not mistaken,
Because I’d sure like to meet you someday in heaven.

By Keely Myles
May 26, 2012
Scripture verses:
Psalm 139:13-16; Matthew 19:14

The New Place


The new place is
constant joy,
The new place is
forever free;
The act of true workmanship,
An absolute masterpiece.

You think you’ve seen
real beauty,
You think you’re
living now,
But what is yet to come
Surpasses it somehow.

Every sorrow finds
sweet healing,
Every tear erased
with peace.
No mind has ever conceived this;
It’s a place beyond belief.

Keely Myles
May 8th, 2012

1 Corinthians 2:9
Revelation 21:4

Tears From Our Eyes


Tears From Our Eyes

Verse 1:
Have you ever wondered why we’re here?
Have you ever questioned what you hold dear?
Can you answer me this questions? Why?
Once we understand, He’ll wipe the tears from our eyes.

Jesus came to walk this suffering earth.
He can heal each heart and bring new birth.
Now by grace I’m His and He is mine.
When I see Him, He’ll wipe the tears from my eyes.

Let not you hearts be troubled,
Believe in God!
Let not your hearts be troubled,
He has overcome!

Let not your hearts be troubled,
He’s prepared a room.
Let not your hearts be troubled,
He is coming soon!

Verse 2:
Little children cry with desperate pain.
The troubles of this world are hard to explain.
Help us trust You, LORD, and not ask, “Why?”
Just knowing one day, You’ll wipe the tears from our eyes.

Let’s reflect the glory of our King.
Despite our sorrow, let His praises ring!
One day face to face in Paradise,
We’ll meet Him there and He’ll wipe the tears from our eyes.

We will enter rest
Through His faithfulness
We will smile and sing
In His love unbroken

In this Promise Land
He will take our hands
We will dance and sing
In His peace unbroken

By Keely Myles
August 22, 2010
(Dedicated to
Taylor Schlesinger
and her parents)
Scripture references:
Revelation 21:3,4
John 14:1
John 16:33