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Ode to Chips


A favorite food
To grace my lips,
The fair potato chips.

Salty, crunchy,
Savory crips,
The fair potato chips.

No self-control
Once the bag rips,
The fair potato chips.

Any flavour
Such tangy zip,
The fair potato chips.

Plain with ripples
And sour cream dips,
The fair potato chips.

Into my mouth
The whole bag slips,
The fair potato chips.

They are so good
‘Cept to my hips,
Unfair potato chips!

© Keely Myles
August 2014




Is my life
Too easy?
Do I have
Buttered feet?
Have I any
True needs,
Or are all my
Days sweet?
Is there a
Reason for
Upon my lips?
Must be careful
Of my pride,
As anyone
Could slip.
Surely I know
That I am
Fully blessed,
Because when
I last looked
I saw I had
Buttered steps.

© Keely Myles
June, 2014

“…when my steps were washed with butter ” ~Job 29:6

red skies


eyes like lead

sink into my head

i lie on death’s bed

waiting  to be fed

but no one takes my stead

my stomach like a tent

pitched under skies of red

all goodness suspended

is life more than i comprehend?

or is it just pain and then i’m dead?


© keely myles

november 29, 2013