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What to write on a cliff?

Hellos, goodbyes, 

What ifs…

Times & dates,

Peoples’ names,

Tic-Tac-Toe games,

Precious quotes,

Political votes ,

Random thoughts,

Wars fought,

Babies born,

Hearts torn,

Love & hate

In spray paint.

All that matters

In colours;


Overlapping words,

Messages blurred.

Anonymous & obvious,

Kindness & obnoxiousness,

Innocent & obscene,

Captivating & free,

What art uniquely,

What graffiti briefly 

To put here on this cliff 

Like a modern hieroglyph?

© Keely Myles

August 24, 2016

At Big Rock





the beauty of others

other faces, other lives

the myriad of differences

other stories, other times

all kept quietly behind

individually crafted eyes

names and ages, shapes and sizes

each a wonder and surprize

could we see each soul more deeply

to understand what underlies

we would care and love more fully

seeing others more closely tied

then how could we hurt each other

once we come to realize

there’s a beauty in the others

 other faces, other lives


© keely myles

november 15, 2015

thoughts on a plane

The City 


If you look left of tge CN Tower, perhaps you’ll see one of the two stars I could spot from my hotel window tonight.

When we make

Our lights

So bright

We can’t see

Your stars

In the night

Then we have

No reference

At all


When we make

Our walls

So tall

We can’t see

Your sun

At all

Then we always

Walk in




You are the light

We need

Your reference

In the night



You are the sun

We need

Your radiance

In sight


I can’t imagine

Myself with

No reference

In the shadows


Break my city lights.

Tear down my city walls


I want

Your direction


I want

To see

Your glory


© Keely Myles

November 12, 2015


After reflection of the night sky here tonight, my heart aches for the thousands of lost people in Toronto. Those who don’t know their Maker. My heart aches for those who don’t have the Light of Jesus all the way across this land. But my heart also aches that I build my own walls and shine my own light instead of living fully alive for Him, and not truly reflecting enough of His glory in my words and in my actions to those around me. How much more should I know Him and follow His guidance? I think there is a correlation between these two dilemmas in my Christian walk.

Sonnet: Big Raven


Perched on the edge is the rigid black bird,
Perceiving forests and each of the trees.
Unable to utter a single word.
Calm and motionless, despite building breeze.
Off in furthest distance dark clouds amass;
The sky opens, dropping sheets of hard rain.
Harsh winds blast, whipping through the circling grass,
Yet wall-like and true, silent songs refrain.
Standing without whispering on the hill
What would be told if telling something could?
There is no call, nor a tune, nor a trill;
Is nothing more beneath this lump of wood?
A story wise behind image graven?
Strong voice flies from unfeathered, Big Raven.

© Keely Myles
May 12, 2015

Big Raven, Emily Carr 1931


Concubine confusion?


I despise
That there are
In the Bible
In messes
With my mind
That these
Holy men
Could be holy
And have them
Maybe in this
Different culture
Difference time
It was normal
But to this
Girl from 2015
It seems obscene
And contradictory
To so treat

I do
Trust You
And see
That only You
Are perfect
All men have
Always been
Missing the means
To be righteous
And still You
Use history
To fulfill
Your plan
For mankind
Though I don’t
Near understand
Aspects allowed
At Your hand
I know Your
Ways and thoughts
Are higher
Than mine
So even if
I don’t get
These things
As I should
I know You
Can turn evil
Into the good
And one day
Please perhaps
I won’t question
Your design

© Keely Myles
March 12, 2015
Isaiah 55:6-9;
Romans 8:28


Truly Repent

 Being truly sorry
 Is a rare thing.
 Most of us
 Don't care about
 Our own sin.
 We spend
 So much time
 Our choices,
 Our lives;
 Hardly a soul
 Considers their
 Own lies.
 There's very few
 Who like admitting
 Their wrongs.
 We most like
 To live life
 To our own
 Selfish song.
 We have forgotten
 What it means
 To truly repent.
 We would rather
 Compare ourselves
 To the faults
 Of other men.
 Saying, "See,
 I'm better
 Than so-and-so..."
 But before a
 Holy God,
 How's that
 Going to go?
 Perhaps, we better
 Get on our knees,
 And face
 Our Maker
 Before death comes,
 And it's coming
 With speed.
 Perhaps, we ought
 To beat our chests
 And cry aloud
 Being broken
 For once,
 Instead of
 Being proud.
 Perhaps, we need
 To get alone,
 And bow
 Our own hearts
 Before His throne.
 It's time we sought
 Our own need
 For grace,
 And concern ourselves
 With our own
 Possible fate.
© Keely Myles
 February 12, 2015
 Romans 2:1-5



I slept
So hard
I slept
So long
I woke up
With a crack
At dawn
I became
Aware of
What’s been
Going wrong
In my heart
Weighing a ton
Filled until
Rich by fraud
I had turned
My back away
From God
Lived for self
Indulging in
Comfortable rot
But this morning
This morning
I woke up
I saw the Son
His brilliance shone
Repented of
Things done
In the darkness
And now I
Can rise anew
He’s made me
Free and strong
I can leave it all
Surrendered finally
To Almighty God!

© Keely Myles
February 2015

“You have lived luxuriously on the earth and led a life of wanton pleasure; you have fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter.” ~James 5:5

“For this reason it says, ‘Awake, sleeper, And arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you.’” ~Ephesians 5:14