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Third of June



 I don'tIMG_0956
 Love you
 For dates and flowers
 For Hallmark holidays
 Or all your hours
 I don't
 Love you
 For expensive gifts
 Or diamond rings
 For poetry or
 Songs you sing
 I don't
 Expect a lot
 From you
 A little time
 A hug
 A kissIMG_5786
 A daisy picked
 From roadside ditch
 Walking together
 Along a beach
 Celebrating any
 Newfound niche
 Remembering our
 Favorite foods to eat
 Thinking ahead to
 Fill true needs
 Advice to put
 My mind at easeIMG_6053
 A little help
 A smile to cheer
 A thoughtful word
 A listening ear
 The warmth and comfort
 As you hold me near
 A moment laying
 In a grassy field
 Us holding hands
 A friendship that
 Will never yield
 Dancing under
 Starlit sky
 Sacred moments
 Just you and I
 Sharing secretsIMG_6384
 Joys and fears
 Prayers and laughter
 To overcome the tears
 Soul support offered
 Through the years
 These simple kindnesses
 The constant glue
 Proof to show
 Our love is true
 Having intimacy
 The way we do
 A closeness thatIMG_6365
 Faithfully grew
 And if all fails
 I hope you know
 I do just love you
 For being you
 For love is not
 Just a list of what
 You do for me
 And me for you 
 Love is a choice
 It's our sacrifice
 It's our serving
 Each other as
 Husband & Wife
© Keely MylesIMG_0381
  May 14, 2015
  Dedicated to Mark
  On the third of June 2015
  Happy 15th to US!







Hot Day


blackness brewing

lightning bolts

water flooding

drain overflows

storming crazy

wedding soon

waking to the

hottest day 

in June


© Keely Myles

May 15, 2015

The Greatest Imagineer


Is amazing
It defies all
Laws of nature
Though science
Puts boundaries
And facts around
What goes on
The mind makes
No such lines
Anything can happen
One can bend
All rules
It is a crazy
Awesome tool
And it sets apart
Humankind from
The animals too
Men are full
Of creative thought
Because they
Were made
In the image
Of God
Therefore He
Should be
The Ruler
Of all imaginings
All minds ought
Bow their dreams to
The Greatest Imagineer
Whose art is supreme
Who else spoke
Life into being
Who else made
All science
All creation
All in the universe
Unbeknownst to man
Nobody can outdo
The Ancient Artist’s hand
All we think
All we do
Can only be
And created
Because He
First thought
Of me and you

© Keely Myles
March 12, 2015