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Sonnet: Big Raven


Perched on the edge is the rigid black bird,
Perceiving forests and each of the trees.
Unable to utter a single word.
Calm and motionless, despite building breeze.
Off in furthest distance dark clouds amass;
The sky opens, dropping sheets of hard rain.
Harsh winds blast, whipping through the circling grass,
Yet wall-like and true, silent songs refrain.
Standing without whispering on the hill
What would be told if telling something could?
There is no call, nor a tune, nor a trill;
Is nothing more beneath this lump of wood?
A story wise behind image graven?
Strong voice flies from unfeathered, Big Raven.

© Keely Myles
May 12, 2015

Big Raven, Emily Carr 1931



Kicking up wishes


Kicking up wishes
Dreams to the sky
A field full of hopes
Weeds will not die

Seedlings of longing
Wonder and whims
Blowing intentions
Desires on the wind

Fantasies floating
Realities soon
Joy deeply planted
More sunshiny blooms

© Keely Myles
May 10, 2015