Monthly Archives: November 2014

Frozen Footprints



Following some
Frozen footprints
In the sand
Awakened before
Life’s demands
Push me into
Going going
Always on the run
Having a
Frost-filled moment
With the rising sun
Slowly thawing
In the misty blue
The gulls are singing
In the orangish hues
My heart is freshened
With each breath of air
And I’m moved to
Live this day
More gratefully aware
And I’m thankful for
Frozen footprints


 © Keely Myles
November 16, 2014



Pulling away.
Feeling numb-er
“Christina’s World” ~Andrew Wyeth
Day by day.
Letting indifference
Settle in.
Slowly coldness
Grows within.
I haven’t
Seen you
For oh so long.
I’ve held you,
But at longer arms.
Soon it’s just
A finger’s grasp.
Then fully
Letting go
At last.
© Keely Myles
November 11,  2014

First Frost

The first frost kissed me
 Gently from my sleep
 His white, cold touch
 Brought remembrances
 Of one I loved so much
 The morning filled my day
 With chills of him
 Him who never was
 His face stayed crisply
 In my mind again and again
 Until the moon returned and
 The snowy owl up and flew away
© Keely Myles
 November 11, 2014



Soft and mostly white
Always friendly and purring
As sweet as Syrup

But moonlight turns him
Into a chilling monster
A nasty killer

He is ruthless, cold
Toying proudly with his victims
Eating them alive

Leaving heads and tails
Murderous heaps of entrails
Licking his pink paws

He returns at dawn
Acting like nothing is wrong
Mewing so meekly

What’s that freaky sound?
He’s scratching on the glass door…
Dare I let him in?

© Keely Myles
October 30, 2014