Monthly Archives: October 2014

welcome flames

take the edge off the gloom
with a fire's bright burning.
pass through the stormy grey days
with the flicker of flames.
and in the darkened gloaming,
mild wafts of smoke bring not harm,
but rather cleanse the dreary temple
and warm cold heart and bone.
raising spirits stood upon 
the hearth by pleasant blaze;
kindling hopeful, happy change.

© keely myles
october 28, 2014




Orion shot
an arrow
through my heart.
Now our destinies
are crossed.
We’ve been
pinned together
by the stars.
Forever we
will dance
in the dark.

© Keely Myles
October 2014


October Rain

I look out
The window
At the
October rain
I wonder will
This year
Bring things
I can’t explain
Will I feel
Numb and cold
And still lift
Shining eyes
And smile
Boldly at it
All through
The pain
Will I greet
Each trial
Like water after
Months of heat
Will I know
That even when
I’m soaking wet
That the drizzle
Is what makes
Life green
And sweet
© Keely Myles
October 16, 2014