Monthly Archives: September 2014

patient care


compassionate people

walking hallways

caring smiles

pushing wheelchairs

cracking jokes

mending parts

lifting hearts

poking fingers in

to hold back the flow

from cracked dams

of leaking souls

making the brokenness



© keely myles

august 29, 2014

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” ~Proverbs 17:22

September Sunrise


photo 5
standing on The Rock
listening to The Sun rising
my heart calmly singsphoto 1

the changing colours
and the passing sea lions
i pause to see Life

The Sun takes it’s time
for The Light cannot be rushed
warmth penetrates slow

the moon’s reflection
bows to true Light’s glory
crowning the morning

creation whispers
be still and hear nature’s voice
speak the things of God

© keely myles
september 21, 2014

photo 2