Monthly Archives: August 2014



withholding percipitation

hiding moisture
tears in the corners
of blue skies

water pooling
stepping through
absence puddles

on the downward slope
forget-me-nots droop

sinking into

just blue
all blue

trying to reduce
thoughts of you

can’t stop
seeping dew

© keely myles
august 2014




I love meter,
And I love rhyme.
Some poets think
That is a crime.
Shakespeare didn’t,
Nor did John Donne.
I think I’ll write
Another one.

I love rhythm,
And I love words,
Lyrical and
All that spurs hearts
To pittypat.
I love poems,
And that is that.

I love sonnets,
And I love odes.
I’m a strange duck,
So I am told.
I can’t stop though;
I may be quacked.
I’m a poetry


© Keely Myles
August 2014



Ode to Chips


A favorite food
To grace my lips,
The fair potato chips.

Salty, crunchy,
Savory crips,
The fair potato chips.

No self-control
Once the bag rips,
The fair potato chips.

Any flavour
Such tangy zip,
The fair potato chips.

Plain with ripples
And sour cream dips,
The fair potato chips.

Into my mouth
The whole bag slips,
The fair potato chips.

They are so good
‘Cept to my hips,
Unfair potato chips!

© Keely Myles
August 2014