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endless green



all the shades

of luscious green

grasses, fronds

and pine trees

lily pads and leaves

how effortlessly 

the emerald sings

all those songs 

that funnel to 

mine ears

Paradise seems

a little near’r 

like Eden’s symphony

had ne’er ceased

as quieted soul

hears it endlessly


© keely myles

july 24, 2014

mine lake, quadra island

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
 He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.
 He restores my soul.

~Psalm 23:1-2


Seas and Stars



“Look, Mama!

This starfish is dancing!”

Five waltzing arms

Tentacles outstretching

Upon a ballroom of kelp

Bright dancers


© Keely Myles

September 24, 2013


My Angel scared off

Two rock doves

And an old crone

At a cross below

The 50th parallel

When I sat down 

To eat an apple

I gave her the core

But it fell in the water

Particles sunk to 

The tidal floor

Feeding some crabs 

And snails galore


© Keely Myles 

November 13, 2013


His fingertips moistphoto

Whispering in hushed voice

Kissed by the sea spray


© Keely Myles 

July 22, 2014

His face


I know
His face
Every line
And smile
Each glint39787_443342714119_7667686_n
And twinkle
In his eye
I know
Each freckle
And each flaw
I sense
The clenches
Of his jaw
I nuzzle
Close to his
Sandy stubble
Read on his
Dark brow
The look
Of trouble
I know
The weariness
Of his days
I feel
His joy
I feel
His pain
I see it all
In his gaze
I see it
Running down
His cheeks
In trails of
Salty tears
And though
Death’s shore
Washes him
In it’s waves
I know
In my mind
At anytime
I can just
His face

© Keely Myles
July 19, 2014

Oh, my pious heart


Re-evaluating my attitude here.

Keely's Graffiti

Oh, my pious heart
Thinks I’m so darn smart.
Life’s all figured out
Like I’m so devout.
Now I think I’m in
With no more “ugly” sin.
Since I’ve learnt all I need know
There’s no more room to grow.
Soon my pride’s sky high;
I’m wise in my own eyes.
Grade A self-approval–
A fool who needs recusal!
But did I really arrive?
Or have I just lied
To myself and to God?
Am I hot or am I haughty?
Looking down my nose,
Frowning at all those
Who don’t have life all down pat,
Like I’m somehow better than that?
Who am I kidding?
Arrogance dripping?
If I’ve reached religious elite,
Then it’s time for me to weep,
Because Jesus only smote
Those trying hard to cloak
Evil hearts with religious duty.
Looking pretty with hearts so snooty.
“Whitewashed tombs,” is what He said,
For we understood not…

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