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forced ear


there, i forced you

to listen.

that’s not new,

nor will it ever

grow old.


© keely myles

april 2014


love art

blending two worlds
yours and mine
mine all messy
yours more refined
a hodgepodge 
of two people
trying to be one
mixing your shades
with my color
a collision of fun
a personality pallat
decorating our lives
changing perspectives
aspiring new heights
our love is like art
the eclectic combined
blending two lives
yours and mine

© keely myles
june 2014

"'...and the two will become one flesh.’So they are no longer two, 
but one flesh.Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” 
~Mark 10:8-9





Sweetly listening

Deeply thinking

Sincerely loving

A friend unjudging

A heart that’s tender

A carefree lender

So creative

Also gracious

Adding laughter

And fun ventures

But keeping Jesus

At her center

An ever joyful encourager

An ever growing worshiper

It’s no wonder

I smile whenever

I remember



© Keely Myles

May 2014

Triumphant Trobairitz



During kingdoms of Loius VII and Henry the II,

A small matter concerning women was reckoned.

Wife to both was sworn beauty Queen Eleanor,

Through whom sprang praise and joy in full encore.

For twas in courtly love and chivalry,

However mythical it may have been,

That they idolized the way of crusades and knights

and the lovely damsels by their sides.

Perhaps birthplace to such as  Lancelot and Guinevere

Through exalted heroism and poetry held dear,

Where even women found voice and valour

Among nobles despite suppressive manors.

The first sort of lady lyricists 

Who sang about hoped for relationships,

Of love they could not oft pursue;

Thwarted by their time and men’s vain view.

Still with flute and harp at their fingertips,

They arose the beautiful, intelligent trobairitz .

Such as she, the Comtessa de Dia,

Who in Medieval times made female voice freer. 


 © Keely Myles

June 26, 2014