The fragrance of laughter


Keely's Graffiti


My laugh is dancing
Syringa, syringa
Like lush lilacs swaying
Syringa, syringa
Warm breezes bringing
Syringa, syringa
Fragrant wafts giggling
Syringa, my love.

Soft sweetness singing
Syringa, syringa
Fanciful blooming
Syringa, syringa
Redolent ringing
Syringa, syringa
Aroma alluring
Syringa, my love.

Panicles pleasing
Syringa, syringa
Lightheaded lolling
Syringa, Syringa
Balminess breathing
Syringa, syringa
Gaiety gushing
Syringa, my love.

Keely Myles
May 12, 2013

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