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the shakes


smoothing out the shakes;
relax the mind, change the pace.
what matters won’t break.
take another deeper breath;
take another baby step.

© keely myles
april 23, 2014
in light of tonight’s 6.7 earthquake




Give me guts,
Give me guts,
Give me lots of guts,
Give me courageous guts!

Give me guts
When I’m flat
Out at the bottom
Instead of on top.
Give me guts
When I’m stuck
In a habit and need
To leave my rut.
Give me guts
To break out of
My bubble and be
Brave enough to pop!
Give me guts
When life is
Stinking hard and
Unbearably rough.
Give me guts
To try more doorknobs
When all doors
Seem locked shut.
Give me guts
To do the right things
Although some may
Think I’m nuts.
Give me guts
To deal with insults
Though words like
Weapons cut.
Give me guts
To be misunderstood
And not have to try
And prove myself.
Give me guts
To choose the humble
Path to the least
And not the best.
Give me guts
To not quit
When faith’s put
To the test.
Give me guts
To keep on smiling
While life drops me
In the dumps.
Give me guts
To sacrifice for
Others although I’d
Rather say enough.
Give me guts
To stand by
Truth and not
Succumb to lusts.
Give me guts
To risk it all
For the sake
Of love.

Give me guts,
Give me guts,
Give me lots of guts,
Give me courageous guts!

© Keely Myles
April 23, 2014

Image: Guts, Glorious, Guts! ~ Fay Helfer

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” ~ Joshua 1:9





wanting to become 

 more than I am


what I’m made of

not settling 

for comfort

expanding my 



my worldview

not allowing 

cookie-cutter conformance

to shape me

never moulding

always moving

never arriving 

always striving

stirring my own pot

looking beyond

what is

and what is not

stepping out 

of the box

out of the boat

walking on water

walking out on a limb

walking on air

walking on mountaintops


© Keely Myles

March 2014

Matthew 14:22-33


All I can handle is fluff.
I'd like to think that I'm tough,Cotton_Candy
But I hate that the world is so rough.
I could give up a lot of this stuff;
The speed and suspense and such.
My emotions have had quite enough.
I can get myself all in a huff
When all that we need is more love,
And a new world brought down from above.
Yes, this crazy world is too much.
All I can handle is fluff...
© Keely Myles
March 28, 2013

Eating Words


I ate,

I ate up,

I ate up your words.

I started with the prefixes,

Followed by the roots.

I ate every preposition.

Didn’t leave a single verb,

And those little interjections,

Well, they always make me… Burp!

I tried not to choke on conjunctions

As they are so very sticky.

By the time I swallowed

All the adjectives, I was

Feeling rather icky…

Still, those scrumptious little suffixes

I saved ’til the very last,

But I spat out every participle

That reminded me of the past.


© Keely Myles

April 2014