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The veery


The veery
Calls my mind
To far off place
To long ago time
Of holier days
Its reverberating cry
Awakens my faith
Quickens hope that
Once dormant laid
Below the struggle
In tenuous shades
Yet now secluded joy
Bursts suddenly
Raised to heights
Above tree line
As soul takes flight
With no restraint
Fly, fly
Sing, sing
Away, away

© Keely Myles
March 2014






There are times
When I still feel
Like fifteen
Instead of
Times when
I feel the sheen
Of sun and wind
On my cheeks
And though my
Bike and bones
Now mildly creak
As I whip through
Wooded trees
I am suddenly
Unaware of age
Feeling just
As lovely as
The breeze and
As bright as
The gleam on
Glistening stream

© Keely Myles
March 27, 2014



Today   I   found 

A    cr u m m y    o l d    penny

A l l    c  h  e  w  e  d    up    and    b e n t 

But   it   had   my   date   of   b i r t h   on   it

I  picked   it   up   as   t h e y   say   s  u  c  h   and

S  u  c  h     about     them     bringing     l u c k

So    then    with    this     s m a l l     thought

Into   my   p o c k e t   it  gets   tucked

And   I  guess  I’ll   see   if   my 

L u c k      amounts

To    much


© Keely Myles

March 28, 2014

Little spells


Everyone has 

Little spells

Where they don’t

Feel like themselves

Where rooms

Get hazy

And lines

Get wavy

And we look

For a friend

To remind us

We’re not crazy

To point ahead

To better days

To bring laughter

Like sunshiny rays

To put the rainbow

In our clouds of gray

And share penny thoughts

Better than pots of gold

Lucky are you with this

Friend to hold

Luckier than a

Clover fourfold


© Keely Myles

March 17, 2014

celebration soliloquy



it’s nothing record-breaking.
just enjoying my own creating
with all my words and poems;
giving them a space, a home.
i’ve been swept up in soliloquy;
happy just to be, well, me!
reflecting on the world around,
pondering things often unknown,
sharing pieces of my heart’s song,
making stranger friends among
a web containing a million eyes,
yet with wider realization wise
that the Greatest Poet also spies
upon this tiny place called earth,
and it is Him who formed me first,
who gave me the chance to wield a pen.
therefore, i hope His eye is then
mildly pleased with some of them.

© keely myles
march 22, 2014

*in light of the 1 year anniversary of this blog.

A Screen


There’s a grid

A screen in front of you

So I can’t see clearly

Who you are…

I know you’re trying

To talk to me

To communicate

But the grid is anger

The screen is irritability

And all the things

We try to say

Don’t fit through

The tiny holes

From time to time

Meaningful pieces

Sometimes pop out

But there must be

So much more to you

That won’t squeeze through

This rigid sieve

And I know somewhere

Behind the mesh

There’s the person

I appreciate so much

But I can’t see you clearly

I can’t quite touch you

Who are you really?

© Keely Myles

March 9, 2014