Monthly Archives: January 2014

writing pleasure


writing and rhyming

’tis for my own amusement


brings soft tears and great laughter

an entertaining pleasure


© keely myles

january 2014




another day
another time
leave all
that stuff
far behind
let your body
slowly unwind
let tingles
creep with ease
all down
your spine
lose track
of yourself
and find
a way to
enjoy and
simply be

© keely myles
january 2014

Unfiltered Fog Photo


So, I took an unfiltered photo of fog filtered sunlight last night, and shared it. My mom was quick to relate to me that with all the unusual effects fog and light were playing yesterday, she kept thinking she might write a poem. I said, “Beat me to it, Mom!” …she accepted and WON! Her poem is as follows:

 The Teasing Fog

The FOG crawled in on all fours,

Or maybe ‘twas eight or twelve.

He stretched so far,

I could not see,

Beyond my own front door.

He made me wonder,

Foggied, too, if what he stole was gone,

Or was it ever really there,

A fogment of my mind.

I said, “I KNOW you’re teasing me”,

I know you’re not unkind,

But silent, still, he’d not let on,

His secrets, close at hand.

And then, as quickly as he came,

He vanished in thick air,

Leaving me to wonder yet,

Was he ever there?

© Didi Teufel

January 25, 2014

Here is the photo… 😉

And my little ditty….




this fog is vintage

it sits

and it listens

as it thickens

it’s like

an old aunt

graying and

getting fat

but there’s

a beauty and

a mystery in that

something comfortable






© keely myles

january 25, 2014

… and p.s. my friend jen mentioned how the fog felt like she was walking around in a vintage water-colour painting, which led to the title and thought trail of my poem…

good to you


she’s off her kilter

will you jilt her

despite the fact

she’s been good to you?


she’s got no filter

and is getting weirder

still you know

she’s been good to you


it’s dead of winter

you’re bewildered

but remember

she’s been good to you


she’s not bitter

don’t be a quitter

heck, you know

she’s been good to you


love’s but a glimmer

a faded picture

but reconsider

she’s been good to you


yes, she’s withered

and time will not linger

but here’s the clincher

she’s been good to you


© keely myles

january 22, 2013