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The night is clear,

The stars seem near,

But she sees little

Through her tears.

Her problems are heaped,

Facing too many fears.

There aren’t easy answers

For what she hears.

Who can help her

Climb such sheer

Cliffs of impossibility?

God of all miracles,

Could we see action

Quickly from thee?

Her smile once stars

In a brillant galaxy,

Yet those stars keep falling

Into her teary sea.


© Keely  Myles

October 27, 2013

Dedicated to Haley Sullivan

Check out her story.



warmly windswept



windswept notions
bring fresh devotion
with warm emotion
and welcome woven
into each fallen token
like golden moments
beside a swollen ocean
touching the lonesome
cushioning the broken
a taste to open
up the wholesome

by keely myles
october 27, 2013

Late Bloomers


Are late blooming flowers

The loveliest?

Those that wait to share

Their softer than velvet

Petals, pushing

Beyond those who’ve

Already given away 

Their blush and bloom

Perhaps too soon.

Could it be that they are like 

A fair white swan

With glistening plumage?

Once trapped in 

Awkward shell, 

Tightest bud, 

Ugly duckling, 

Sweet shy shrub.

It’s rather touching

To see something

So lovely and lagging

Slowly savored,

Highly honored

Since it was amongst 

The last left 

For plucking.

By Keely Myles

October 22, 2013




 for shame 
  at just a peek
   one step too far 
    on a roof's ledge
     and a kingdom 
      crumbles to dust
       in the afternoon heat
        so to speak
         even a noble crown
          must come down
           if eyes are cast
            at a beautiful woman
              better to love
               what you own
                than to own
                 what you
                   for such
                     has an

                         by keely myles
                          october 20, 2013

                            2 samuel 11:1-12:25