Monthly Archives: May 2013

Henna Hands



My skin tingles
Under the curls.
Zen squeezing,
Circling whorls,
Dots, lines, flowers.
Pretty detailed gloves
Of lawsonia inernis,
Slipped over epidermis
Like black pasted lace.
A lovely licorice glaze
Pigmenting the surface;
Leaving impermanent stains
Of creative waves.
Dabbing sticky lemonade
To help color retain,
But it slowly fades
To a sienna maze,
And then back to
My natural shade,
Until I do it again.

By Keely Myles
May 2013



purple love


a concoction of
purple action
the feeling of violet passion
smashing the velvet friction
fingertips fluid fashion
kissing with mauve emotion
augmented amethyst attraction
the grapiest glad fruition

by keely myles
may 20, 2013

out of a musical


Stepping out of a musical theatre,

I’m marvelled by the misty moon.

I’ve sung my heart out for the teacher,

Hoping she has enjoyed the tune.

I have dreamt about days on Broadway;

I suppose that never will be true…

Still, I abide here in the River

Glad to be a little fish too,

Knowing the man up there still smiles,

As I marvel at his misty blue.

By Keely Myles

April 24, 2013

Page ablaze


If I leave my sadness on the pages here,

I find I will live with far less tears.

If I let my emotions flow through this pen,

I’ll find it easy to smile again.

If I lay out drabness in correspondence,

I find I’ll have a smudge more vibrance.

If I rant my rage out through my diary,

I’ll tame flames to be less fiery.


By Keely Myles

May 2, 2013

so amazingly clear


Impression of a Mourning Dove after a Window Strike
~ Jeanne Donaldson

Things can appear so amazingly clear

Like it’s all smooth flying

Then, wham, a window

I thought I knew

What was on the other side

It seemed so apparent


But now it’s obviously


And I lay here stunned

Grounded and dumb-founded

I guess once I am finished

Wincing and flinching

I’ll shake out my tail feathers

And find a new direction

To fly

By Keely Myles

May 15, 2013

Two quarters.


God sure whipped you up some handsome.

All your darling ramblings.

You’re so darn cute.

How come?

Giving me your two quarters to hold.

“Oh, I can’t keep these, hon.”

“Yes, because you’re so sweet,” I’m told.

“You have to keep just one!”

Wrap those arms around me again.

Such a happy face in my home.

Can I keep you for my own?

Oh, my little honeycomb!

By Keely Myles

May 14, 2013

For Journey