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atramentous abyss
this stachybotrys
squalid black mold
in my household
lift up the tile
you’ll see that it’s vile
fungi filthiness
mildew stealthiness
water damaged
sludge inhabits
humid and warm
quickly airborne
up from the floor
releasing spores
entering lungs
health succumbs
sickness sodden
dingy rotten
cancer causing
rather than inhalation
time for remediation
of an atramentous abyss
this stachybotrys

by keely myles
april 29, 2013




i don’t know whAt compels
me to Be drawn to
his woRds
his wiles
like i’m fAlling under
one of his spells
though i know better than
to lay victim
to suCh guile
yet his incAntation swells
and i am forceD to smile
i’m nearly overwhelmed
perplexed And mesmerized
but i still fight Back with
incarnated gospel
power to cut thRough
his sinewed lies
scripture alwAys quells
what passions have been riled
so i bid his salacious ways farewell
with clairvoyant goodbyes

by keely myles
april 17, 2013
hebrews 4:12

fat and bone


–>she must be starving

she must be gorged<–

–>one is scrimping

the other wants more<–

–>desperation overload

kamikaze self-control<–

–>excessive obese overflow

multimedia undertow<–

both nearly drowning and it shows

–>bodies pushed into molds<–

but who are we to really scold?

do we think we really know…

…all the abuse that they’ve been shown?

…or the type of genes they own?

what gets hurt beneath fat and bone

when someone frowns or looks down?

<–a beating heart, tattered and torn

far deeper than the physical form–>

who cares if they don’t fit “the norm”!

instead of such flippant flout

<–give the benefit of a doubt

how about a change of tone–>

towards the ostracized and alone

we weren’t meant to look like clones

<–remember to love a person’s soul

try on their shoes and take a stroll–>

by keely myles


“The Lord does not look at the things people look at.

People look at the outward appearance,

but the Lord looks at the heart.” ~ 1 Samuel 16:7



i was drifting
nearly slipping
but you were giving
soul uplifting

i was wanting
soul left starving
you were warming
soul imparting

i was confessing
you were quenching
with unrelenting
soul indwelling

you give me feeling
refesh my breathing
a numbness relieving
soul interceding

by keely myles
april 2013
romans 8:26-27

somehow similar


the day was gray
mostly mundane
but i got to be that
quieter girl i prefer
the afternoon lull
was long and dull
i finally let earth’s
gravitational pull
lure me to the couch
the boys were pals
and i set Tal’s hair in
old-fashioned curlers
so the day seemed
in general as soft
and as slouchy as
my charcoal socks
thankful always for
the full tinder box
and a home as warm
as Arizona yet as
i’m lolling i mull over
memories of California
and now with this lime
and Corona in hand
i can nearly believe
it’s somehow similar

by Keely Myles
April 18, 2013

basket case


a basket case
not saving face
when i displace

i start pace
good temper sways
a temporal craze
the hectic

parental disgrace
so common place
to misbehave

kids obey
without delay
schedule dictates

grab shoes in haste
wrap coats around waists
this escapade

are kids unscathed?
despite my ways
can i embrace

i hope and pray
for patience and grace
to one day replace

by keely myles
december 20, 2012
“… do not exasperate your children…”
ephesians 6:4

Fool’s Flight


She let the fool grin,

She let the spool spin.

Her looks gave him lift,

His mind went adrift.

She let him out long,

Pulled his heart along.

She let him float high;

A kite to the sky.

He was held by her tether

Through her warm and cold weather.

She let him just hang there;

His seams started to wear.

With a swish of her hips,

His thin heart fully rips.

With wry curl on her lips,

The taut string she snips.

All his airborne hopes dashed;

Falling headlong, he crashed.

By Keely Myles
April 13, 2013
Proverbs 2:16-19
Proverbs 23:26-28