Oh, my pious heart


Oh, my pious heart
Thinks I’m so darn smart.
Life’s all figured out
Like I’m so devout.
Now I think I’m in
With no more “ugly” sin.
Since I’ve learnt all I need know
There’s no more room to grow.
Soon my pride’s sky high;
I’m wise in my own eyes.
Grade A self-approval–
A fool who needs recusal!
But did I really arrive?
Or have I just lied
To myself and to God?
Am I hot or am I haughty?
Looking down my nose,
Frowning at all those
Who don’t have life all down pat,
Like I’m somehow better than that?
Who am I kidding?
Arrogance dripping?
If I’ve reached religious elite,
Then it’s time for me to weep,
Because Jesus only smote
Those trying hard to cloak
Evil hearts with religious duty.
Looking pretty with hearts so snooty.
“Whitewashed tombs,” is what He said,
For we understood not a shred.
We had no shred of faith,
We had no shred of grace,
To see the Way, The Truth, Life’s purpose.
Instead a showy, self-centered circus.
Sure outside our cup looks clean,
But our hearts are hatefully mean.
If there’s septic waste within,
Doesn’t matter how shiny the tin.
I can’t clean out the cup on my own;
Only Jesus Christ’s blood atones.
Cleaning my inner cup seems urgent;
Except I need the Divine detergent.
My pious heart is so deceived.
It’s time to humbly plead
For God to forgive me,
Then offer that same mercy.

By Keely Myles – August 29th, 2012
Proverbs 26:12 / Matthew 23:25-28 / John 14:6 / Micah 6:8


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