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the plight of a manila clam


so they say,
“happy as a clam
at high tide!”

this doesn’t quite convey
the truth of who i am
in fact i feel unjustified

with this cliche
a definite qualm
maybe it’s my pride

but i’m not given the time of day
and i’m forced to aplomb
and remain tongue-tied

despite this i will essay
to ahem the phlegm
and with you confide

and directly display
the plight of a manila clam
a clamorous molluscicide

sure when water ebbs away
things are not too calm
we dig down deep to hide

for men love to sauté
and through the beach comb
to find where i reside

at them i spray
and yet they thumb
appetite preoccupied

and then come gulls of prey
who haul me up and wham
i’m split open wide

yet another fate’s at play
as neap waters run closer than
desired what does betide?

other monsters lurch to slay
far worse than quondam
predators allied

deadly moon snail speeds dismay
it’s radula releasing acidic foam
gnawing, boring through my side

now like a clam café
it feeds on my flesh from
proboscis straw it sucks my inside

so they say
“happy as a clam!”
well, you decide…

by keely myles
december 20, 2012


Brandish Butt


Only cig I’ll ever smoke.
Could our lives be such a joke?
Kidding ourselves about our purity.

From a sweet dream I awoke
Dazed by fire, I start to choke
On a life of uncertain security.

“For pity’s sake,” I invoke,
“How long ‘til you will revoke
Destined chaff and declare this heresy?”

But my questions just provoke
Him like burning embers poked;
Conversation stifled by pleurisy.

Despite a heart that is broke,
Still the heated tears don’t soak
Through to soften the hot asperity.

Yet instead the fire stokes
With “Lawless” deeds and dashed hopes
As he’d rather opt for vulgarity.

“It’s just a story,” he spoke
And storms off –a man gone rogue,
Brandishing his scorn for austerity.

But since I share the same yoke,
For now we’ll pull up the cloak
Over obvious cold polarity.

By Keely Myles
November 28, 2012

My sore finger


My sore finger
Brings thoughts that linger
About death that’s not afar.

Bruised and swollen
Looks close to rotten
A foreshadow of my corpse.

Contorted, stiff
All strength has been stripped
Soon to slip beneath the mire.

What beauty marred
Vitality charred
Now coagulated gore.

Blackened and blue
Regret, remorse, rue
For Departure’s sure to lure.

Pain throbs with fear
Each breath draws me near
Rest in peace K. Myles lies here.

Abhor and spurn
Moribund concern
Since there’s Joy across that Shore.

In Christ I died
His blood has supplied
A new body and Death’s cure.

Return to life
Resurrection rise
Paradise forevermore.

By Keely Myles
November 19, 2012

2 Corinthians 4:16
Romans 8:10-11
1 Thessalonians 4:16-17
1 Corinthians 15:42-57
John 11:25-26



jake the snake
my undertaking of
interpreting his hiss
forty years would be remiss
to not reminisce
a purple shirt
a brother’s wish
a kind gesture
a booby trap adventure
a shared october
such broad and soft shoulders
from a childhood spent
on a broken trestle
developing resistance
developing muscle
like a kid in a candy store
Jerry’s left a hole
in a pocketful of gummy worms
the counter turns
now a heart on his sleeves
unleashed from beliefs
yet gained earthly trophies
under moonlight moseyed
into manhood boldly
retrieving a jackknife
mother sighs, dad fights
undermining love
couldn’t get enough
a lifelong scrum
overcome by sweat
placing bets
on his utter strength,
friends and dregs
and winning many passions
stung by this black scorpion
his name’s no misnomer
a hooker and performer
with cauliflower ear cocked
listening for ways to mock
as a Green Party, jocund jock
debunking through a hashish fog
can’t stop his brash agog
hard to take his headlock
but gotta love his shubby shubs
and noogie rubs
and through his crazy ways
he always slips the ace
and i always will embrace
for no soul could replace
my brother’s steel face

by keely myles
october 22, 2012
dedicated to jacob teufel
on his 40th birthday

new Heaven


i wasn’t built for this world
it’s fallen and gnarled
it’s origin was surely goodly
things were once as they should be
but now it’s Paradise Lost
the True Life has been crossed
with pain sickness and death
now i fight for each breath
always being put to the test
it’s so hard to find rest
i have a longing for good days
to be lifted from this haze
and to be put back in the Garden
to be freed from all these problems
to not fear any harm or danger
to be up close with nature
to walk through acre and acre
holding hands with my Creator
to commune with Him and savor
every moment with my Maker
and see others do the same
to worship God without restraint
a perfect union with the saints
to be naked and unashamed
fully clothed in His righteousness
in the Kingdom of true justice
a place of love and goodness
a return to absolute innocence
to hear living water flow
to feel soft earth below
to smell lush vegetation growth
to see a world we’ve not fully known
oh, i just can’t wait to go
to leave this fallen world of sin
and taste the new Heaven

by keely myles
october 21, 2012
dedicated to maggie mcgrath
on her 25th birthday

2 Peter 3:13
Revelation 21:1-4

confidence kills beauty


They say lack of confidence kills beauty,
But I’d like to speak on the contrary.
I find a beauty in one’s weakness;
There’s a lovely bitter-sweetness.
I have gained a mild aversion
After watching confident persons.
There is certain, profound faultiness
When confidence turns to haughtiness.
To me it is far more pleasant
When pride is no longer present.
I’m neither drawn nor fond
Of those who are dawned with pomp.
It’s absolutely more auspicious
To not be like fair Narcissus,
And yet there’s something blessed
In seeing someone modest.
I find there’s more uniqueness
In exhibiting some meekness.
There’s a quiet sort of loveliness
In lowly unobtrusiveness.
Being cognizant of ones fragility
Leads to grace – humility.
Beauty that leaves me speechless
Reflects the light of Jesus.

By Keely Myles
October 21, 2012

Proverbs 16:18
Proverbs 18:12
Proverbs 31:30
Matthew 5:5
Romans 12:16
2 Corinthians 12:9-10
Philippians 2:3-7
Colossians 3:12-13
1 Peter 3:2-5

The Contract

Can I make a contract with You?
 Can I promise this or that
 in hopes You’ll answer back the way
 I want You to... ?

Can I ask You for more stuff?
 A little bit of such and such
 would help me live much better off since
 I’ve got it kinda rough... ?

Can I ask You for no pain?
 Will my good deeds help me bargain?
 Or maybe if I plead, You’ll release me
 and refrain... ?

Can You keep my life intact?
 I like my routines. Cut me some slack.
 What a perfect little pact, if You wouldn’t mind to
 watch my back... ?

What? That’s not the way it works?
 Is this not the life that I deserve?
 So then what are the perks
 for following after You?

You mean I’ve got to die to self?
 To say farewell to health and wealth?
 To carry the cross and do God’s will?
 Couldn’t that be a living hell?

You think there’s joy in suffering?
 You think I should make Jesus King?
 Be willing to give up anything? Everything?
 Sorry, no, I’m leaving...

By Keely Myles, October 10, 2012

James 4:2-4
 Matthew 10:38-39; 16:24-26
 Mark 8:34-36
 Luke 9:23-25; 17:33-35
 John 12:24-26
 Philippians 1:19-30 (*21)
 Romans 8:12-19
 2 Corinthians 4:16-18
 Hebrews 10:33-35
 Mark 10:17-30