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the silent onslaught


the silent onslaught.
it should make us shudder and become distraught.
how will this endless war be fought?
how can we change their thoughts?
how will humanity be taught
that’s not up to them or okay? it’s not!
we shall all answer unto God,
who gives us each and every breath we draw.
so a solution must be sought.
how can it be a law
to let death be bought?
putting money in the hand of some big shot
whose life is dedicated to roughshod
treatment of defenseless tots;
who prides himself in playing God,
but it’s just a facade.
the thinking is beyond flawed
to say a baby is a just a fetus, a mass, a clot,
so as to blot out life with suction and rod.
yet up from the sod cries out their blood.
and somehow those of us that defend their cause
are the ones considered odd?
aren’t we just doing what we ought?
or are we honestly suppose to clasp our hands over jaw?
to act as if we just forgot?
to stand silent like it’s all naught?
no. we just cannot. we just cannot.
not until we make it stop.
this sick and silent onslaught.

by keely myles
june 6, 2012

“Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.”

proverbs 24:10-12/ psalm 139:13-16/ psalm 51:5-6/ psalm 82:3-4


On a fresh warm morning…


On a fresh warm morning
I went out back to sit,
With a blanket and tea
To read and pray for a bit.
I studied and confessed
For a small while,
Amazed at the fact
That I am God’s child.
Then I closed my eyes
To quiet my mind.
Could I hear God’s voice
Whisper in the wind?
When I glanced down,
What did I see?
But a thousand tiny eyes
Staring back at me.
Upon the arm of the chair
A grayish fly did sit.
Had he also decided
To pause for a bit?
He wasn’t up to
What a fly usually does.
He wasn’t feasting on carrion,
His life abuzz.
No, all six legs
Were stretched out long;
His translucent wings
All waxy and calm.
He bathed himself
In the warm sun rays,
And with his front legs
Seemed to wash his face.
He neatly preened
All his tiny hairs
As I stilled myself
And said my prayers.
So we sat on the chair,
Him and I,
That morning I shared
A moment with a fly.
Then I moved in
For a closer look,
But without a sound,
Off he took.

By Keely Myles
May 28, 2012
“How many are Your works, LORD! In wisdom You made them all; the earth is full of Your creatures.” ~Psalm 104:24


hospitality is a
State of mind.
It’s not fine dining,or special wining, but finding
Time for unwinding,
and not minding
whose in company.
it’s not so much about food,
but a change in attitude
& being in tune
to make room
for another’s comfort.
it’s taking the effort
to build good rapport.
it’s bending over and expending
Energy befriending with
An ever extending hand
To whomever comes to stand
in your heartland.

by keely myles may 27,2012

“Let love of the brethren continue. 
Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, 
for by this some have entertained 
angels without knowing it.” ~Hebrews 13:1-2
Romans 12:9-13

My Child?


Excuse me, I have a question,
Are you in heaven?
I know when a soul departs,
But when does God a soul impart?
Is it there straight from the start,
Within the formed zygote?
Does it enter with the first beat of heart?
When does God place it there as He forms your inward parts?
When is the precise moment of a soul’s inception?
Could it be right from conception?
Is the soul in the embryo?
Oh, how I want to know!
Of course, it’s certain that at some point inside my womb
A new life has been assumed.
Yes, a soul slips in with a twinkle,
Though you are smaller than a thimble.
Flesh, life and soul intermingle.
God surely knows your first moment’s substance.
You were not placed there by random chance.
You are a wonderful work woven in secret.
A special someone although we never met.
You were a blessed child at an early age,
But you’ve left this world at the youngest stage.
“The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these,”
Children freed who play at ease.
And so I’m hoping I’m not mistaken,
Because I’d sure like to meet you someday in heaven.

By Keely Myles
May 26, 2012
Scripture verses:
Psalm 139:13-16; Matthew 19:14

The New Place


The new place is
constant joy,
The new place is
forever free;
The act of true workmanship,
An absolute masterpiece.

You think you’ve seen
real beauty,
You think you’re
living now,
But what is yet to come
Surpasses it somehow.

Every sorrow finds
sweet healing,
Every tear erased
with peace.
No mind has ever conceived this;
It’s a place beyond belief.

Keely Myles
May 8th, 2012

1 Corinthians 2:9
Revelation 21:4

chimichanga grandma


enter the house on
wharncliffe road
it’s stucco walls
and retro decor
with a mild musty odor
but at the door
meet a no nonsense woman
my chimichanga grandma

hugs enfold
squishy and plush
esmeralda waft
and infectious laugh
twinkling eyes
and cheeks rosy
in the corner sitting cozy
my chimichanga grandma

stacking matryoshka dolls
a black mini-trampoline in the hall
doilies on the sofa arms
keeping up her charms reading
romance novels upon fuzzy ottoman
a spread of colorful afghans
across two twin beds
my chimichanga grandma

couldn’t pick a favorite
both short in height
and Irish temperament
spinning tops and donut shops
dancing the polka
palmolive soap and coca-cola
faith, hope and love
my chimichanga grandma

well-kept nails
so polished and posed
blotting lips of primrose
gray permed tresses,
floral dresses
and hip sunglasses
the most beautiful dentures on
my chimichanga grandma

once fourteen children
sat round a table long
“we’re all in our places
with sunshiny faces”
washing so many dishes
and winning at cribbage
despite her slow dementia
my chimichanga grandma

by keely myles
april 15, 2012

on my knees


stay awake
don’t fall asleep
spirit willing
flesh weak
pray in the Spirit
all kinds of prayers
cast on Him
my every care
a broken vessel
a cracked pot
but the Lord
still fills me up
why so downcast,
oh, my soul?
He can still
make me whole
acceptance found
i am His child
His burden’s light
His nature mild
mind on Him 
in perfect peace
in His presence
find sweet relief
delight is found
before His throne
even if i
only groan
His Spirit will
whenever i get
on my knees

by keely myles
march 18, 2012

scripture verses:
ephesians 5:13-15
romans 13:11-12
matthew 26:41
ephesians 3:18
1 peter:5-7
2 corinthians 4:6-7
romans 9:20-22
psalm 23:5-6
psalm 42:5
psalm 3:3
romans 8:14-16
matthew 11:29-30
isaiah 26:3-4
psalm 16:11
hebrews 4:16
romans 8:26-27
luke 5:16