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Unwanted Teddy Bear


Unwanted Teddy Bear

Sitting on the shelf up there.

Seems like no one cares,

But I like your frowny stare.

I’m gonna take you home.

Call you my very own.

Ignore your grumpy tone.

Give love you’ve not known.

Nuzzle your fuzzy face;

Cuddle- for hours embrace.

All the sad thoughts erase.

Enter a happy place.

Despite your silly scowl,

I love you anyhow.

Feeling all better now.

My heart to you I vow.

Favorite Teddy any day;

Chasing all the clouds away.

You make it all okay.

Love you more than words can say.

By Keely Myles

October 4, 2010


The Way, The Truth, The Life


We must admit that You’re the only WAY.

Need You so much in the world today.

Thoughts captivated unto Christ, our King;

Affection to Him be our only thing.

Changing our thoughts ‘til there’s only You.

Replacing the lies with the scriptures TRUTH.

Where is wrong worship in our heart?

He will make all such lies depart.

What are our idols here and now?

Show us so we can tear them down.

No god before You -of any form,

Save but our LORD, our God adorn.

At the cross, called and justified,

By the Spirit sanctified

Our lives are made brand new,

After suffering and death,

With Him glorified.

Yet only because

Our LIFE is You.

By Keely Myles, October 2, 2010

Scripture references:

John 14:6

2 Corinthians 10:5

Exodus 20:3-4

Romans 8:30

2 Corinthians 5:17

Use My Voice


Use My Voice


I’m off the hook.

I’ve been set free.

The end result

Ain’t up to me.

I tried my best,

Which is a fail,

Unless my Savior

Pays my bail.

Frankly, Jesus is

The Way to go.

I told the Truth.

I let them know.

He is the only


To have real Life.


But even after

I said it all,

It’s only ever

His own call.

His Spirit must

Prepare the heart.

It’s only then that

Growth will start;

Yet I can’t tell

Who is elect?

It’s not up to me

To try to select

Who I think deserve

God’s grace.

Then I gotta tell

The human race.

How sweet the feet

That bring good news.

I guess I’ve got a

Mouth to use.

Though the Spirit

Makes the choice,

I still need to use

My voice.


By Keely Myles

Scripture verses:

-Isaiah 64:6

-Romans 6:23

-John 14:6

-Romans 10:15

Lovely Lady


Lovely Lady

Faithful instruction on the tongue.
Helping others, teaching the young.
Dressing in strength; making arms strong.
Singing unto Him a new song.
Not wasting speech on foolish words.
Less worries than the birds.
Working diligently with willing hands.
A listening ear that understands.
Praying for those who are in need.
Always up to a good deed.
Bringing good medicine of joy and cheer.
Perfecting love; casting out fear.
Building hands to make a home.
Laughing at the days to come.
Forgiving others as she’s forgiven.
Leading others unto heaven.
Imperishable beauty which is not vain,
Precious in God’s sight remain.
Many stand and are amazed.
Lady who fears the LORD, be praised!

By Keely Myles, September 18th, 2010
Scripture references:
-Proverbs 31
-Titus 2:2-5
-Psalm 40:3
-Matthew 6:25-34
-1 Thessalonians 5:17
-Galatians 6:9
-Proverbs 17:22
-1 John 4:18
-Proverbs 14:1
-Luke 6:36; 7:47
-1 Peter 3: 4-6

Tears From Our Eyes


Tears From Our Eyes

Verse 1:
Have you ever wondered why we’re here?
Have you ever questioned what you hold dear?
Can you answer me this questions? Why?
Once we understand, He’ll wipe the tears from our eyes.

Jesus came to walk this suffering earth.
He can heal each heart and bring new birth.
Now by grace I’m His and He is mine.
When I see Him, He’ll wipe the tears from my eyes.

Let not you hearts be troubled,
Believe in God!
Let not your hearts be troubled,
He has overcome!

Let not your hearts be troubled,
He’s prepared a room.
Let not your hearts be troubled,
He is coming soon!

Verse 2:
Little children cry with desperate pain.
The troubles of this world are hard to explain.
Help us trust You, LORD, and not ask, “Why?”
Just knowing one day, You’ll wipe the tears from our eyes.

Let’s reflect the glory of our King.
Despite our sorrow, let His praises ring!
One day face to face in Paradise,
We’ll meet Him there and He’ll wipe the tears from our eyes.

We will enter rest
Through His faithfulness
We will smile and sing
In His love unbroken

In this Promise Land
He will take our hands
We will dance and sing
In His peace unbroken

By Keely Myles
August 22, 2010
(Dedicated to
Taylor Schlesinger
and her parents)
Scripture references:
Revelation 21:3,4
John 14:1
John 16:33

To watch of be one?


To watch or be one?

Much to dig; lots to share.
Time for research, or do and dare?

To watch or be one?

Dwell on stuff from those at rest,
Eye those present, let life drive past?

To watch or be one?

Living bits of this and that,
Human potpourri and chicken scratch?

To watch or be one?

Ogle others, eyes popped-out
Need real life, a turnabout?

To watch or be one?

Nothing new under the sun;
Experimenting is still fun.

To watch or be one?

Cutting cables – free!
Time to just be.

To watch or be one?

Messy, random and undone;
Shaping slowly, now become!

By Keely Myles, September 9, 2010
Scripture thoughts:
Ecclesiastes 9:10
Psalm 90:17
1 Corinthians 10:31



1 Peter 2:9-10

LORD, You are awesome,
Awesome, awesome AWESOME!
And LORD, we will praise You,

Verse 1:
In the morning,
In the evening,
When we’re awake
And when we’re sleeping.
You are watching,
We are waiting,
We are changing,
And You’re returning!

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 2:
You are perfect,
But were beaten.
Shed Your own blood
For Your chosen.
You were broken
And mistreated.
Rose again now,
Death defeated!

LORD, You are so good!
Overall the earth
We will sing Your praise,
Proclaim that Jesus reigns.

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3:
All are sinners
Now forgiven.
By Your grace now
We are chosen.
A royal priesthood,
A holy nation
To declare His

Repeat Chorus:

By Keely Myles ~August 1, 2010