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Obstruction knelt by the silent sea,
Longing for the wind to blow in destiny.

But for this satisfaction never came,
Unheard, unanswered questions call her name.

Rather, stagnant water only lulled along the shore,
Escaping never from the one she knew before.

Captured still by choice without precision,
Endless days of pondering with no decision.

Through inability to come to a conclusion,
She keeps drowning her life in this illusion.

Keely Teufel
April 14th, 1999


This room


This room

how I have loved it!
though small
it never confined
illuminated brightness
of a new world
the morning songs
bring a fresh start
to a new day
I came here to find
a dream
resolved to keep
moving and imagining
it isn’t over
this is just the
more will come after
this room
so many rooms
of life and joy
‘til the final room
where I will be

Keely Teufel, April 13, 1999
John 14:1-3

Submission to Supremacy?


Submission to Supremacy?

So many voices from people who care.

Everyone has shared their fair share,

But this little quivering leaf that I am

Needs to hear the One voice of the Great I Am

I have been weak and my faith has been small

Trying to affirm is this my call?

Can I say like Isaiah, “Here I am, send me?”

Can I submit my will unto Thee?

Is this Your will? Once again I cry out!

And if it is, what’s all this yelling about?

Submission is hard when your heart is unsure.

It’s hard to hear You when my head is a blur.

Full of question, objection and wondering so,

Are You just saying, “Submit and go?”

So many others, faith greater than mine,

Are fulfilling the Commission and doing just fine.

Yet nowhere have You promised peaches and cream,

At least not ‘til heaven where You reign Supreme.

So for better or worst, I need to obey.

Help me, Lord, in whatever’s ahead on the way.

If You have supremacy over my own heart,

Then I’ll be enabled to do my little part.

By Keely Myles
April 25, 2010

Exodus 3:14
John 8:58
Isaiah 6:8
Matthew 26:39
James 1:2-8
Matthew 28:18-20
James 4:6-8

Dry Bones


Dry Bones

My bones are dry,
So very brittle.
I’ve been living
So in the middle.

Not to hot
And not too cold.
My faith’s gone limp,
My love’s grown old.

God’s own Word
Has hit the shelf.
I’d rather spend
The time on self.

In the mirror,
Or on the phone,
Keepin’ up with
The neighbor, Jones.

Empty treasures
Spent on earth.
Stored nothin’ in heaven
Of any worth.

Life feels good,
But there’s an empty hole.
Have I gained the world
And forfeit my soul?

I look around
And see the same.
Ignorant people
In sin remain.

There is no fear
Of God at all.
Selfish living
Ignoring His call.

No repentance,
Conscience seared.
Only lip service
Is what I hear.

Discipline us, LORD,
For Your own sake.
Give a heart of flesh,
The stone one take.

Will we cry out
Truly repent
And worship You
With bodies bent?

Will men rise up
To make Truth known?
Will the Word preached
Rattle our bones?

LORD, please come
Breath on the slain.
Breathe Your Spirit.
Make us live again.

Filled with Your life
We will stand,
An exceedingly great army
Ready for Your command.

By Keely Myles
June 16, 2010

Formed from scripture:
Ezekiel 37:1-14
Revelation 2:4
Revelation 3:15-16
Matthew 6:19-21
Matthew 16:26
1 Timothy 4:1-2
Ezekiel 36:26