—> Protest to prayer —>


Who am I?

Just one small person.

A human.

A mind with consciousness.

One of conviction.

Full of hopes and dreams.

Of life abundant and free to be.

A growing and loving individual.

What can I do?

Very little alone?

It feels that way sometimes…

There are things I see that are wrong.

Injustices and lies.

How can little me make a difference?

What platform do I have?

Even if I can’t go…

Even if I can’t demand…

Even if I am alone…

Even if I can’t stand…

This one thing I can do.

I can get on my knees.

I can call to my Maker.

I can call to the Author of Life.

Before God I can bow.

Before God I can plea.

Get my heart right…



Turning from evil.

Praying for truth.

Praying for freedom.

Praying for peace.

Praying for healing.

Healing of my heart.

Healing of my family.

Healing of this land.

And perhaps…

The Lord of All Creation.

Will hear my humble plea

And act of behalf of me.

So I turn my protest into prayer.

Action I can take anywhere.

A prayer from the heart of Keely.

February 5, 2022

“If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My Face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and I will forgive their sin and heal their land.” ~2 Chronicles 7:14

Waffle Weather


Sunday snow

Lightly folds us

Like merengue

Into waffle batter

Nothing’s the matter

Everything’s better

In this cozy sweater

A hug from God

A whiteout fog

Each flake a

Kiss on the face

Like icing sugar

Melting into hot butter

Creamy, sweet weather

My heart beats slower

Under covers longer

Hibernation makes fonder

An intimacy atmosphere

Shaken from the sky

A lover’s morning lullaby

January 24, 2021

©️ Keely Erin

A Cup


LORD, You make me

and You break me

i’m fragile glass

and i’m not in tact

there are sharp cracks

that could be used

to cut and attack

please, put me back together

don’t use crazy glue

use that thing that they do in Japan

use Your ancient ways

to fill each place

with Light and Grace

like resin in gold

a beauty that holds and

makes me a useful cup again

a mosaic of what has been

and once Your Art is done

don’t fill me up

but shelf me long enough

to feel the emptiness

to sit alone and

feel the unknown

and learn from

the new lines

that make me Yours twice

content just to be held

in The Potter’s hands

and if in time

as You see purpose

in Your design

perhaps pour in

something joyful

something warming

something worth holding

to be gladly sipped

sipped from Heaven

© keely myles 💛

may 31, 2017

2 corinthians 4:7



Waning Gibbous 


The moon lay looking sideways,

Sadly at the lowly hills,

Knowing the storm was coming.

It probably gave him chills.

His mouth was fully gaping,

Drawn back with deepest fright.

A pale and quiet horror,

Reflecting the ominous night.

The raging winds predicted 

A scary flood of rain,

The turning of the seasons 

His haunted face explained.

© Keely Myles Fall 2016



Becoming someone


But therefore 

More oneself 

Changing as

Life breaks you

Finding ways 

To reglue dignity 

And rise above

Regaining health

Reinvention of

New ailments 

Flipping pain 

To that was

Meant to be 

Never feeling 


But free to

Move affliction 

Into fresh 

And beautiful 


January 29th, 2017
© Keely Myles 

Girlish Seawalk


Head in the clouds
Heart in the sea
Toes dipping down
Into serendipity

Elbows in the breeze
Hands like anemones
Sticking to the things
That make her happy

Will sure and boulder strong
Ear tuned to seagulls song
Lungs filled freshest air
Endless dancing not a care

Eyes light and clear and true
Shimmering like the ocean’s blue
Hair whipping as the grass
A sunshiny tangly mess

Thoughts scattered like the sand
Pulled and pushed
At waves command

Harbouring not a squall
Nor vicious undertow
Glad to float wherever
Tides might flow

© Keely Myles
May 31, 2016

Whispering soul


Trying not to be proud
Trying not to be broken
Noticing both
With each word spoken
Asking for humility
Asking for grace
Without both of these
A soul is misplaced
Sitting and listening
Whispering soul
Uttering utterances
Utterly told
Through feelings and prayers
And songs and groans
A soul in wrapped in canvas
A body on loan
Wanting true freedom
Tasting it now
But without the ability
To swallow somehow
Remaining awaiting
A time yet to come
When unbound and open
Goodness will run
Lasting forever
Finally peace
Endlessly sunshine
Completely released

© Keely Myles
February 21, 2016


i like it when
the lustre wears off
when something becomes
less appealing 
it's revealing 
it tells true feelings
who or what is standing
still unabashedly loving
affections continuing
despite the diminishing 
where lies the loyalty
unaffected by less popularity
unfettered by opinions
unwavering & persevering 
holding on though hurting 
non-flashy & dirty
uglier perhaps
but still found worthy 
better somehow 
through life's beatings 
stronger somehow 
after bleeding
scars that end up beauty
faithful & more truly
in love with the aging
deeper character 
found in fading 
hands still left holding 
onto what's worth keeping 
after the lustre wears off 

© keely myles
early 2016 



The freedom

Of a candlestick 

Is none 

But to burn

And burn it does




It’s life away

Only one passion

The flame

Giving light

Sparking interest 


In wee hours

Cutting darkness

A small warmth

On a cold 

Lonely night 

A singular beauty 

Upon a pedestal

No choices

But to burn

© Keely Myles

September 19th, 2016

Mid year 


Mid year

All warmth 

And buzz

Can’t say

What was

A blur 

Of colour

Of joy

And whatnot 

Time goes

The sun rose

Who knows 

How many 

Highs and lows 

Life stows 

So I chose 

To go to 

The beach 

And let days

And duties 

Blaze away 

Like a campfire

Until all I could 

Count on a calendar 

Was stars

Meteor showers

By the hours 

And time 

Was flowers

Petals falling 

One by one 

And cares 

Were none

And relaxation 

Lastly won 

© Keely Myles

August 10, 2016